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BB will do his role on cybersecurity's demand from White House
Few people understand this.

1, On MAY 12, 2021, there is an executive order issued by the president for the zero trust cybersecurity's requirements nationwide saying "All Federal Information Systems should meet or exceed the standards and requirements for cybersecurity… Read full article
Capitol Report: Biden’s long-term spending plans ‘are not about overheating the economy,’ says White House adviser
Top White House economic adviser Brian Deese on Wednesday defends some of the Biden administration's long-term spending plans, characterizing the proposed outlays as not connected to current inflation concerns --- and as relatively modest. Read full article
White House: Fed Chairman's testimony shows President Biden's economic plan working
Following Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony in front of Congress, the US White House (WH) official crossed wires via Reuters. The diplomat initia Read full article
Capitol Report: Biden ‘encouraged’ by ongoing talks on bipartisan infrastructure plan, White House says
President Joe Biden's administration on Tuesday continues to sound somewhat upbeat on achieving a bipartisan deal on infrastructure spending, as some of its top officials meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Read full article
Joe Biden's meeting with Ashraf Ghani to ensure Afghanistan never again becomes 'safe haven' for terrorists: White House
At the Pentagon, the Defense Department said that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the military leadership "are constantly looking at the pace we're going at, and the capabilities we have, and the capabilities that we're going to need throughout to… Read full article
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