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Day trading and Long term account
Hello, i have an account with interactive brokers, and i plan on using it to daytrade. But i also use it for my long term hold. Is that bad?
Should i open another account on IB or other broker for… Read full article
Trading above the key support levels 0.6840, 0.7025, NZD / USD remains in the bull market zone (see also    "Fundamental Analysis and Recommendations" ) . The breakdown of the important short-term resistance level 0.7054 indicated the end of the… Read full article
Best brokerages for options trading?
What Are Your favorite low fee brokerages that are decent for begginers to use? Read full article
Trading options on Vanguard
I just got approved to trade Level 1 options on Vanguard but I see no 'sell to open' option for Puts. What gives I'm on desktop and I have the ability to 'buy to open/close' and 'sell to close' what… Read full article
Paper Trading Simulator Suggestions
I want to paper trade some day trading strategies but I have a full-time job. Here is what I' after... I want a platform that can simulate the market open, which occurs in the morning, at night instead. I don't… Read full article
Old video I made explaining how you can actually create a trading strategy and also walk you through the process of how I created my strategy which I've used to make over $20k

**Overview of what you'll see in the video with live trading examples of me going through each step over months of time:**

Observation - From time behind screen you'll begin to see recurring themes. Your job is to notice… Read full article
cTrader trading
Hey guys (and gals), just wondering if anyone here knows how to make it so that all future position stop losses on cTrader use a fixed risk percent?

I’m looking to risk only 1% to 0.5% but not sure how… Read full article
Drugs and trading?
So I found out the only problem with my trading is my Psychology,how did y’all resolve this last piece of the puzzle. Do drugs help with calming the nerves? Read full article
Is after only one week of paper trading too soon to start real trading?
I know that the general rule of thumb is to paper trade for a month before switching to using real money, but I've had 5 consecutive days in the green (which is every day since I started paper trading) and… Read full article
Thinking of Trading with a Cash Account
I'm thinking of opening a cash account because I don't quite have the $25k and I really don't want to go offshore. I was thinking that if I started with a $10k cash account I could trade half one day… Read full article
The Best free sources of info regarding top 3 are...
Hope this doesnt turn out to be the kiss of death for these sites......

1) Zeroh[]( as good as it used to be unless u go premium but still the best site on the web imo...hillarious comments section....but mostly esg… Read full article
Reddit trading is leading to 'massive market manipulation,' top investor warns. How to protect your portfolio
The Reddit-fueled trading "party" will likely end badly and hurt individual investors, top investment advisor Ric Edelman warns. Read full article
20h ago
Indicators question for tradingview
What are your personal favourite indicators? I recently switched over to tradingview and it seems to have a lot more indicators, I used to use supertrend, trend strength index, and bollinger bands and I'd be pretty successful, just wondering what… Read full article
Writing the trading strategy
To cut the chase, do I really have to write down or write it on like ms word my entire trading strategy in detailed? I am trading for like 3 years and profitable.

I just want to take the right… Read full article
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