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8EMA / 20EMA Strategy - Forex Trading
I want to learn the 8EMA/20EMA strategy for forex trading. Can someone please suggest on this? Read full article
39min ago
Reddit Forex
Day trading and my TFSA
I have a TFSA where I occasionally buy securities and hold long term. I would like to open a questrade account and day trade through that platform. Will registering as self employed, claiming that as income, paying taxes on profits,… Read full article
When Day Trading do you look at the minute, hourly or daily chart?
Recently been learning about day trading and technical analysis and was wondering if you look at the the minute, hourly or daily chart? If this helps my trading setup includes 50,100 and 200 MA, 21 and 200 EMA, RSI, Stoch… Read full article
Day trading question for options?
If I buy a options with a different day and have bought another the day before with a separate date on the same stock those that count as a day trade? Read full article
* This is the first of a ten-part series in which we walk through articles from Tommy Woods
* The aim of this series is simplicity while traversing some of the more important aspects of the FX market along with… Read full article
My experience in my first week options trading.
If I've learned one thing, it's to toss greed aside.
I'm really dumb, I was up a pretty good amount on all my calls. I thought I could squeeze a couple more percent out of them and ended up sliding… Read full article
Options For Trading Options
Options For Trading Options

For the Options Traders

Same old story out there on Wednesday, buy re-opening, sell high growth/tech. Institutional sweepers continue to plow into inflation/reflation leaders, while the bulk of the put buying remains focused on ETFs and… Read full article
Is there a paper trading website like Investopedia that allows group rankings AND is real time?
Basically title. Investopedia has like a 20 min delay and is incredibly difficult to use (especially when I've gotten so used to the UI of much better platforms). I also want the ability to compete with friends like Investopedia has… Read full article
Silver trading either side of $26.00 level as markets await remarks from Fed’s Powell
Spot silver (XAG/USD) has been trading with a negative bias on Thursday’s session so far, though the price action thus far on the session has been sub Read full article
S&P 500: trading recommendations
The S&P 500 is again testing the important support level 3815.0 (EMA50 on the daily chart) today, maintaining downward dynamics on short-term time frames  (see  " Fundamental Analysis and Market Expectations " ). The closest target of the decline is… Read full article
Day Trading Poll and Discussion
Hi guys and gals, my first post here. I'm learning and researching about day trading stocks and plan to get into it once I have completed a few months of paper trading.

I'd like to hear about your journey and… Read full article
It's crazy that I almost thought about monetizing this, rather than giving it for free. It's time to realize and the real flaw of money--it makes people selfish. I want to end that and make people care about each other again. Here is my year long TradingView project, for free. I keep the code tho :)

Make sure you backtest this baby to learn how it works, but god damn has it improved my winrate drastically. I love retail traders. But to hell with the institutions that manipulate this game in their favor and take advantage… Read full article
16h ago
Reddit Forex
SFOR, my cyber security long hold. It's been trading around 20 cents.
I came across this stock by chance on Stocktwits. Did a little DD, they're an expanding cyber security company and it's super cheap right now which makes it good for the financially limited like myself to grab a ton of… Read full article
Realistic Risk/Reward on day-trading
I'm a new trader with a small account. I know I'm not supposed to be trading real money yet but I had funds from GME stock on ETORO that I haven't moved to another broker. (It hit a stop loss… Read full article
UPDATE 03/03/2021 - Trend Line Channel Trading - A Low Risk / High Reward System for Small Accounts to Reach 25,000.00

A Strategy to Overcome PDT Rules

@ Yeezy\_Trades


This is an update to my post from this past weekend.. You can find it [here]( Since making that post I have received a ton of responses,… Read full article
Day Trading Courses
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has taken any courses to learn day trading? If so has anyone used Tim Sykes or Tim Grittans? How are they? Which ones would you guys recommend? Read full article
Day trading EUR/USD
Hello. Is there anyone here who day trades forex? I would like to connect...

It doesn't matter if you trade many pairs or one pair. I personally day trade EUR/USD

I just want to exchange some knowledge and experience. Also… Read full article
Can anyone point me to a reputable teacher/class on day trading?
I’m new to day trading and really want to turn this into a career because of its flexibility and ability to do it from anywhere in the world. Can anyone point me in the direction of reputable teachers or classes… Read full article
Forex bot trading requirements?
I'm looking at a few different bots to run but I don't have a desktop and am trying to limit my initial cost of hardware. Is a 4gb DDR3/DDR4 ram enough to run a bot setup? Newegg has a lenovo… Read full article
You US guys ruin our German Gains . Now it’s time for nighttrading: buying at 10.55h pm in Germany the closing low in USA and selling at 9:00 h am in Germany the opening high - in some techs you… Read full article
Hey daytrading family
Just thought I’d introduce myself to this fine community and share a little bit of my journey to where I’m currently at.
I started trading in 2019 of October w/ 2k. And nearly blew up my account. My taxes that… Read full article
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