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Tip : Play FPS to understand psychologically when trading FX or Commodities
Most traders know psychology is a important part of trading FX. The thing is how to understand and familiarise yourself with your own psychology without suffering the consequences of your actions in real life situations. One of the best things… Read full article
Trading View Combining togehter FX Pairs

I have been here a while and remember reading a thread where people were dicussing where you can combine togher say all USD fx pairs into one chart or ticker and be able to use that as a measure… Read full article
Stocks to buy or sell today: 10 short-term trading ideas by experts
Sectorally, buying was seen in FMCG, utilities, power, consumer durables, and healthcare stocks while some selling was visible in auto space. Read full article
“Common” day trading problems you don’t have
I know many of us are still struggling (me definitely included), since this is a profession that usually takes years to master, but I want to see if we can do a little optimistic reflection here. What are some “common”… Read full article
What are your rules for when to continue trading vs. stepping away for the day with your loss/profit?

I've moved on to trading with real money in the last few months and I have a pretty good strategy, usually only turning a small loss on 1 day a week or so, yet I'm dealing with an issue… Read full article
It takes money to make money is this perhaps not the case with daytrading?
People say that in order to make serious money in investing/ dividends you need to have alof of money… or I have heard the saying “ if you want to make a million dollars on the stock market you need… Read full article
Options Trading
Which program offers the best options flow and volume charts? I've been using the free version of OtionStrat and I'm not sold on paying the monthly for it. Any recommendations out there? Read full article
I try to become a global macro investor. Is it a good strategy to learn it by trading forex?
What I mean the GDP growth rate, interest rate, unemployemant rate, balance of trade the policy of the central government and bank - all these factors have an impact on the currency. So does it make sense to trade forex… Read full article
HRTG, book value of $6.65 trading at $1.5
The mods at Valueinvesting removed my posts because it wasn't a "value" stock. I mean, the whole point of a value stock is that people don't understand it and push the price down to the point where it is undervalued.… Read full article
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