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: This state has the biggest labor shortage — and one of the lowest unemployment rates
The first-ever state-level Job Openings and Labor Turnover report offers a glimpse at where labor shortages are the most and least prevalent. Read full article
What is your shortest timeframe when setting support and resistance lines?
I know it’s good to have different timeframes, but what’s the shortest you’ll use for a guideline? Read full article
1d ago
Reddit Forex
Will the recent copper shortage be an opportunity for smaller miners?
As the world gradually shifts to renewable energy, advancement of technologies involve a lot of renewable energy projects, the demand for copper just keeps on increasing. A lot of companies struggle to provide and respond to this demand, but there… Read full article
CTXR Shorts are in the a terrible trade???
# CTXR Short Trade - Bad Idea? Data seems to suggest they are sitting with a hefty open loss


Data obtained from Ortex, Yahoo! Finance and put together to make sense of this in R and Python.

According to… Read full article
Intel shares fall after component shortages hurt PC chip business
Intel is in a period of massive capital expenditure as it spends $20 billion this year, including on a new semiconductor factory in Arizona. Read full article
2d ago
Corporate chiefs warn of high inflation due to shortages
Shortages of workers, fuel, cargo ships, semiconductors and building materials as the global economy bounces back after pandemic lockdowns have companies from electric car makers to chocolatiers scrambling to keep a lid on costs. Read full article
IPO Report: GlobalFoundries IPO: 5 things to know about the chip company going public in a semiconductor shortage
GlobalFoundries Inc. is billing itself as the largest silicon wafer supplier not dependent upon China and Taiwan in an initial public offering planned during a global semiconductor shortage, but that doesn't mean the business will be U.S.-controlled --- nor profitable. Read full article
CMG Short
So I've done some research on CMG(Chipotle) and I believe that the company is overvalued at it's current price. I've been trading for a couple years but I've only started trading options recently and mostly calls.

CMG is coming out… Read full article
Economic Report: Jobless claims fall to pandemic low of 290,000 as businesses try to avoid layoffs due to labor shortage
The number of people who recently lost jobs and applied for unemployment benefits fell again in mid-October to a new pandemic low, as companies shied away from layoffs amid the biggest labor shortage in decades. New jobless claims dropped 6,000… Read full article
Time to short USDJPY?
Just thinking aloud here...

DXY is weak and could still drop to 93, granted, but I see oil retracement from this week's highs (so maybe a short there is in order) compounded by the US "Fall Refinery Maintenance" coming up… Read full article
PYPL long/PINS short, DTE 1
Thoughts on profiting of potential rebound from latest news impact. Read full article
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