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Is anyone experiencing up to minute long delays on updates to bid/ask and time of sales on TW/TD for /ES options?
I'm not really sure what's going on but everything is extremely delayed for me today. It's not uncommon to experience a slight couple second delay here and there but today it is off by magnitudes of minutes.

Are there any… Read full article
2h ago
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: Rising federal debt poses long-term U.S. economic risks, Congressional Budget Office says
Rising government debt in the long run could lead to a spiraling financial crisis or a more gradual but still damaging erosion in the U.S. economy from inflation or loss of international confidence in the dollar, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget… Read full article
: Senate faces long but dull road to weekend coronavirus aid package approval
Senators, used to leaving Washington on Thursday afternoons, were resigning themselves to the prospect of late nights and long hours going into the weekend as Democrats push to approve President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion economic aid package. Read full article
3/19 expiry date for F and FCX long calls - seeking advice due to market conditions
So: I’m thinking today is the day I need to bail at a loss or tomorrow at the very least due to theta. I DO like the stocks and my long calls just got caught in the crossfire of a… Read full article
4h ago
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Breaking: Powell repeats they are long way from Fed goals, USD edges higher alongside yields
While speaking at the Wall Street Jobs Summit on Thursday, FOMC Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated that they are still a long way from the Federal Rese Read full article
5h ago
BUY LIMIT USDCHF Entry 0.91894 TP 0.92902 SL 0.91316


Took profits on this pair this morning.

Similar story with the eurchf.

Breached significant resistance zone with path of least resistance to the upside.

Looking for a Retest of this… Read full article
What is your long-term hold instead of P&D?
Most people get into penny stocks to make a quick buck. It seems like this is not he case unless you take the gambling route.

Penny stocks actually got me into investing and since there's actually a lot of experienced… Read full article
Lufthansa posts record annual loss, sees long recovery
Europe's biggest airline said it expects to book an operating loss again in 2021, although smaller than last year, as capacity runs at only 40-50 per cent of pre-pandemic levels for the full year. Read full article
It's crazy that I almost thought about monetizing this, rather than giving it for free. It's time to realize and the real flaw of money--it makes people selfish. I want to end that and make people care about each other again. Here is my year long TradingView project, for free. I keep the code tho :)

Make sure you backtest this baby to learn how it works, but god damn has it improved my winrate drastically. I love retail traders. But to hell with the institutions that manipulate this game in their favor and take advantage… Read full article
17h ago
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How long did it take you to learn how to day trade?
I was just wondering how long it took everyone to learn how to day trade and also to be good at it. I want to get up and running ASAP and I am studying and practicing full-time so I was… Read full article
SFOR, my cyber security long hold. It's been trading around 20 cents.
I came across this stock by chance on Stocktwits. Did a little DD, they're an expanding cyber security company and it's super cheap right now which makes it good for the financially limited like myself to grab a ton of… Read full article
$WSGF - Potential Airbnb Competitor with High Potential for Medium-long Holds
Reposting because of bad title last time: Here's my DD for you, **$WSGF (World Series of Golf). Don't be fooled by the name because this is not exactly or just a golf stock.**

**WEBSITE:** []( ([]( is a website for… Read full article
Sen. Ron Wyden said it's a 'prescription for trouble' to end jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed
Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said it's a 'prescription for trouble' to end jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed. Read full article
1d ago
Converting a losing long call to a bear call credit spread
I have 6 long calls of 270 $HD bought for 2.6 expiring on march 19 . It's losing money for the past few days. Any idea if I can convert that to a bear call credit spread by selling 260… Read full article
Today I learned an important lesson... (How long did you stay in a simulator?)

About a month ago I started trying to learn day trading..

Last week I finally started paper trading. First full live day, I was up $812, then down $295 the next day, then up $2300 yesterday.. feeling like king shit… Read full article
Lawrence A. Cunningham's Quality Investing: Quality shareholders were ESG-friendly long before it was fashionable
ESG principles reflect long-term, company-specific thinking and shareholder interests. Read full article
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