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China’s SAFE sees two-way yuan fluctuation to be `norm’
The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), China’s fx regulator, said in a statement on Friday, they see two-way yuan fluctuation to be `nor Read full article
5h ago
China is 'pacing challenge' for US: Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin
"My first trip overseas - was out to the region, the Indo-Pacific region where I met with our allies in Japan and South Korea and further traveled to India to meet with our partner there and just as recent as… Read full article
China’s worse-than-Suez ship delays set to widen trade chaos
Even without the Suez blockage or port backlogs, the global transportation system would probably still be struggling with maxed-out capacity. Exports from China and other Asian nations are at record highs, as U.S. and European economies reopen and other markets… Read full article
Moving around China has changed since Covid — and the changes may be permanent
While the pandemic made many commuters wary of public transportation, some turned to personal mobility devices for their travels. Read full article
12h ago
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