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Source: Reddit Wall Street Bets

Under 10B$ Mkt Cap most mentioned stocks - CLOV, CLNE, WKHS, UWMC
Following the high supply of current "programs/algos" that follow tickers in reddit, I also developed one - as a personal project and just for fun.

I created a "dashboard" in which you can analyze the results of my tracking.

This… Read full article
Technical observations for multiple stocks being discussed (SENS, CLF, WKHS, WISH, CLOV, TLRY, CLNE, WEN)
There are many stocks being discussed right now and I thought I would share some of my observations of the trends of these stocks. Trends are obviously not always reliable, but they do give us some idea as to what… Read full article
Hello Everyone! I’ve been investing in US equities markets for 15+ years and last fall I discovered an incredible company whose products are an absolute must for anyone into gaming and eSports. This company is trading at a discount and… Read full article
Hi there! Workhorses (WKHS the coming week
Lets pretend the workhorses go the same route as their ancestors:

The only thing i know: Ortex alert on #wkhs 10-06

History on Ortex timeline Amc: first alert 15-05 price 14 Second alert 26-05 price 19 02-06 price 64.

Gme… Read full article
Blackberry UNDER-Valuation..leader in EV, iot, and security

[Market Cap Comparison Analysis](

[BB NSA Certified Proof](

[Blackberry Department of Info Network Certification](

[BB protect-ED against ransomware 5 years before it was developed proof](

[BB Secure Software in 175 million cars on road](

[BB software in 70% of… Read full article
Do you see what I see 👀? What comes after cup and handle CLNE? 🐄💨💨🚀🚀🚀🪐🪐🪐🪐
I am not a financial advisor. This is not professional advice. Please do your own due diligence before investing.

What comes after cup and handle?

In the domain of technical analysis of market prices, a cup and handle or cup… Read full article
WISH for next week
I'm not going to talk about squeezing as I don't really know what the short positions are on WISH so I will let a smarter ape than me comment on how likely a rise from short coverage is. I just… Read full article
Market Events June 14 - 18
#Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Core PPI (MoM) (May)
Cons: 0.6% Prev: 0.7%


Core Retail Sales (MoM) (May)
Cons: 0.4% Prev: -0.8%


NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Jun)
Cons: 22.00 Prev: 24.30


PPI (MoM) (May)
Cons: 0.6%… Read full article
I built a program that tracks mentions and sentiment of stocks across Reddit and Twitter! This week's most discussed and top growing stocks!
This post is in continuation of a series of posts I made in the previous weeks. The response I received was amazing and a lot of you were asking for continued weekly updates. I have also added the Week-on-Week stock… Read full article
The CLOV Reversal TA
Hey guys just want to point out some thoughts on CLOV and how/why the bounce on Friday happened and how we may be looking for a continuation Monday.


**The 13 dollar battleground**

The first thing I would like to… Read full article
Voice of Reason: Take profits!
Our record stock market highs right now are not caused by a healthy economy,

but the fact that much of the loaned money goes into stocks

which artificially drive up their value. (This is known as “asset inflation”. No wealth… Read full article
WISH the only play for tomorrow! We will be rewarded!
The tarts are all over wish and we will get this to an ATH! Go fellow Apes! Gather more bananas!

WISH, a player in the EV market, is lower by 3.18% Friday as it underperforms the market. Analysts who follow… Read full article
WKHS ready for blast off this week 🚀🚀🚀🚀
WKHS is looking very close to jumping up!!!!

Companies that have a short interest as a percentage of float below 10% indicates positive investor sentiment and few short sellers. Stocks with a short interest percentage above 10% is considered high,… Read full article
Have AMC shorts already covered enough to stop momentum ?
**I know this may become a controversial post here so I want to preface my post with the following: I am not here to convince anyone of anything or to argue, I just want to make sure people are aware… Read full article
AMD's latest financial report blew all estimates out of the water... raising guidance to 50% growth (up from 37%). And it is STILL conservative. Here is why:


In a post COVID-19 world, people will continue… Read full article
UWMC. The DD you didn’t ask for (mods plz flair as shitpost)
In my last shitpost I outlined that UWMC is on the way up and it is, I’m just not intelligent enough to know why. With the Russel inclusion and $300 million buyback the short term looks sweet as shorts are… Read full article
$CRSR : The rise of gamers
The gaming industry continues to grow and is expected to reach a value of ~$290 billion by 2026.

There has been a shift in the gaming industry. It's gone from a simple pass time or hobby and has become a… Read full article
CRSR - Mid term value and growth play with great upside and little downside
I've seen a few other CRSR DD's here lately and wanted to add my own. Corsair likely needs little introduction these days, as their computer components find their way into a huge and increasing number of PC builds. Fans, radiators,… Read full article
Following sentiment on UWMC and got in early - is sentiment analysis actually worthwhile?
I bought in some $UWMC a week ago. I started following Wallstreet bets and reddit a few weeks back and I've been able to find quite a few stocks. I also discovered a few platforms that track sentiment for reddit… Read full article
CLNE Annual Shareholders Meeting on June 14th @ 9am PST

"We are excited about the Annual Meeting, particularly because it provides our stockholders an opportunity to approve a component of what we believe is an important commercial partnership for Clean Energy. On April 16, 2021, in connection with entering… Read full article
WKHS Elliottwave analysis 2021-06-12
WKHS Elliottwave analysis 2021-06-12

Hi fellow Apes,

This is an Elliott wave analysis I use for my personal choices. Remember the future is irreducible, we'll only be certain when it happened.



This is the short term… Read full article
$WISH - Unbiased Technical Analysis
***TL;DR -*** WISH is stuck in both a long term downtrend and a short term one

Key support is **9.62**

Needs to get over **10.90** to break the first one

Needs to get over **12.29** to break the second one… Read full article
My brokerage just emailed me to borrow shares for a short sale (SOFI).

I've had this brokerage account for a little over 5 years or so (and other accounts for over 10 years), and this is the first time ever that I've come across a request to potentially borrow… Read full article
Why I love $CLF CEO LG and you should too
Some things that make $CLF CEO Lourenco C. Goncalves (aka LG) stand apart from many other CEOs and why I like him so much:

- knows his industry better than anyone on the planet

- invests his personal money in… Read full article
Im willing to get a $BB tattoo if..
Whats good apes, so im willing to get a BB tattoo on my leg if the stock hits $60 within the next 4 months. Id want the tattoo to be BB/WSB inspired of course to if any of you apes… Read full article
CLNE Inked Contracts 🐄 🚀 🌙
So let me start by saying I like the stock and I own 600 shares of the company. Over the last week I have heard a lot of chatter about Clean Energy Fuels Company and about how it’s a fake… Read full article
293 Quick Analysis
An argument can be made for WISH being a value play in the software sector. As of Friday’s close, their p/b sits just north of 6, relative to the SW sector average of 13.34. Current market cap is 5.86B on… Read full article
Alright, madlads, 5 trading days left for the CLNE MOAGS. Time to look at the scoreboard and see what the second half holds
OK, I think I got the wording right to fly under Cyberdyne's radar.

For those who haven't seen it, check out my other post from 10 days ago about the MOAGS for the original conversation. Want to know what's changed… Read full article
All crashes are similar, only perceptions change.
Some of you have not spent 10 yrs compensating for your small penis by studying market crashes, and it fucking shows!


Here's some observations about the market from a paranoid mere fleshy balls. This post will discuss forecasting and… Read full article
$CRSR : Way More Than you Think
I've seen several theses defending the investment in Corsair, but it seems that most of you are looking at it as if it were a company that sells keyboards and few components.

For that reason, I come to elaborate a… Read full article
WKHS is ready for the moon 🌝
WKHS is ready to blast off next week!!!!!

Current Short Volume 45,590,000 shares
Previous Short Volume 47,540,000 shares
Change Vs. Previous Month -4.10%
Dollar Volume Sold Short $427.18 million
Short Interest Ratio / Days… Read full article
Yawn. Anyone else want the old days back, of solid DD and actual proper analysis, decent memes, Gourds and no bots?
Every fucking week the narrative round here changes. Lets pump and dump clover last week. This week is wish. Next week will be UWMC.

YAWN. It's the same old pump and dumps going round in circles. We've not seen RKT… Read full article
I analyzed 3600+ IPOs over the past two decades to determine if you should buy into an IPO. Here are the results!
Let’s be real here. We all have bought into an IPO that we regretted. We might have been swayed by the Red Herring report, the marketing pitch, or the investment banks' roadshow. I personally have lost money in both the… Read full article
UWMC or RKT - Who will hold the light?
Good day to you degenerate apes. I guess the title says it all. RKT has been dominating the stonk market as a housing lender. It looks like the sleeping giant UWMC is stepping into the light. UWMC says they have… Read full article
Why you should make a WISH
I just WISH to highlight some facts from my own analysis on why I think WISH is worth a look. I used several criterias and detailed the methodology used for each one as well as the results. Enjoy the reading.… Read full article
What should we expect the next weeks in the markets?
There are several reasons why i think the next week will be a great week for all WSB investors.

Espacially those who invested in undervalued, overshorted, growth companies like
(Add your ticker in… Read full article
$SENS: Conservative DD for $100 stonk and beyond
Ill keep it simple:

%of diabetics in America=13%

Total diabetic Americans(out of 400 million)=50 million

Total diabetics using CGM(10% of diabetics)= 5 million

1/5 diabetics (on CGM) using SENS= 1 million

Insurance allows upto 10$ a day for CGM=$ 3650… Read full article
$NIO Nio we going to the moon…or at least $65. 50% move coming
Got my crayons out again...

The Chinese ‘tesla’ (I hate calling it that), has been working its way up from the low $30s and is now at $45 already a significant move. This is a critical point and in my… Read full article
BB 🚀🚀🚀🚀news
BB DD🚀🚀🚀🚀

# This is not a financial advice. Don't be an Ape😎

It might surprise you but BB is a Canadian company 🇨🇦 . One thing all Canadian federal parties (LPC, CPC, BQ, NDP, GPC) have in common… Read full article
WKHS important DD, best candidate for the next SURGE
WKHS a short story

1. 1.91 B small market cap

2. 52 % SHORT INTEREST! This SI is insane and I don’t know why it’s not being talked about more.

3. 115 million share float

4. Ortex signal(can’t say… Read full article
TA for CLNE — Why the 🐄 strapped on a 🚀.
So Thursday and Friday… what happened? Where were the 🚀s and star-spangled explosions for CLNE? Don’t worry, I found them, and next week looks insane. TL;DR at the bottom.

I am not a financial advisor. I literally bashed my head… Read full article
Retail can take down Wall Street - Says Bloomberg
In Bloomberg's evening newsletter, the author states that meme stocks are dangerous for the overall market environment. That theoretically retail can push stocks to qualify for the major indexes such as the Dow, Nasdaq, etc... And that when the hype… Read full article
You're fighting Greed with Greed.
So I've been around here long enough to know that if you sack a 10-bagger on your first options play, the "first one's free". They don't all work out like that. For some of you none of them do, because… Read full article
Melvin Capital AGAIN Reports Losses (also Mudrick Capital, Light Street, etc.)
So I'm currently a bystander in the current GME frenzy. I have been very skeptical and I came to believe that "it's going to go down. Hedge funds must have learnt by now.".


It seems I might be in… Read full article
The most important thing I have learned is not trust the retards on this sub who try and justify why you should hold
If you are going to make a profit there is no shame in selling. The amount of circle jerk around these meme stocks has taught me that no one knows what the fuck they are talking about and all the… Read full article
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