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Source: Reddit Wall Street Bets

Time to short JPMorgan
They bout took over the zombie bank, they tossed money at the other failures. Next thing you see Cramer will say its a good buy.

I'm buying the 180 day puts at this point, i figure it'll be done by… Read full article
Current BBBY holders
Nobody is coming to save you my friends.
Please save at least some of your money before you lose all of it.


*this is not financial advice* Read full article
FRCs last offer
When looked at through the lense of FRC it makes sense to us poor regards. But are we truly any better? Perhaps the true Banking Collapse was the friends we made along the way. Regards to my fellow Regards Read full article
I will be suing Robinhood for $295,000 if they do not allow me to exercise my FRC puts
One week ago, I reached out of Robinhood to inquire if I could cash out (exercise) my puts if FRC is suspended.

[Exhibit 1](

I was assured in writing that I would be able to exercise my in the money… Read full article
JPM, FDIC and FRC: Rules don't matter in times of panic. Once again, Jamie Dimon wins.
In Acquiring First Republic Bank, JP Morgan Has:

1. Bypassed laws against acquiring bank while controlling 10%+ of US deposits
2. Shared $13 billion in losses with the FDIC
3. Received a $50 billion loan from the FDIC
4. Effectively… Read full article
Why the FDIC Seizure of First Republic Bank Could Cause More Bank Failures
Ok logically it makes little sense for the FDIC to seize a bank for deposit flight since it is the deposits that they are insuring. 100 billion in deposits leaving the bank LOWERS the risk to the insurance fund.

Secondly,… Read full article
Daily Discussion Thread for May 01, 2023
**Come hang out with us on the NEW WallStreetBets[]( [Discord](!**

Check out our [Earnings Thread]( and [Rules]( Read full article
Looking over m2 money supply...
I've been looking at M2 money supply today to properly weigh the cries-of-wolf calls that pop up from time to time. I'm thinking that though M2 is dropping, we're actually just reverting to the mean. In a world where covid… Read full article
FRC to be sold to JP Morgan
The FDIC has permitted JP Morgan to purchase First Republic Bank after receiving bids from the major banks. JP Morgan will assume all deposits and assets.

RiP. Thoughts? Read full article
What Percent of the time is Jim Cramer right?
“Jim Cramer is a well-known stock market guru and host of CNBC’s Mad Money. He makes frequent predictions and recommendations about various stocks and sectors. However, his accuracy rate is not very impressive, according to some studies.
One study by… Read full article
Great depression confirmed

[Cramer opens his mouth again]( Read full article
Betting On 00 - Part 2: A Conversation On The Theoretical Nature Of Debt (Published Mar. 20, 2023)
Betting on 00 Part II: The Mechanism

Not a financial advisor

The second part of the story is more theoretical, but this is still a shared story. All publicly accessible data.

Abstract: Many of the problems that have lingered since… Read full article
Week Ended April 21 - Recap and thoughts for next week- valuation model update - no pain no gain
**Market-moving News**

***1. The fight against inflation is making progress this week with good news from both domestic and abroad****.* Friday’s PCE (Fed’s preferred gauge for tracking inflation) data showed inflation continued to moderate. A nice surprise is core PCE… Read full article
2023-05-01 Wrinkle Brain Plays - In the style of Bob Ross
## Tickers of Interest - TL;DR

**Gamma Max Cross**

* [LAZR]( 06/16 5P for $0.25 or less
* [DB]( 06/16 11P for $0.65 or less
* [AMAT]( 06/16 110P for $4.20 or less
* [JBLU]( 06/16 7P for $0.40 or… Read full article
$1 FRC PUTS expiring 5/5/23. Need advice
Sometime last week I bought a couple of $1 Puts for dirt cheap expiring on 5/5/23 just as a gamble.

As market is getting close to open. I really don’t know if I should hold these til Friday. Or should… Read full article
Most likely to fail regional bank list?
We’ve all watched several banks implode over the past few months. Some have profited handsomely, others learned the feeling of paying half their life savings for 50 upvotes.

Assuming this is the beginning of a trend, who has a list… Read full article
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