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Transitory inflation?

Can someone explain how inflation will be “transitory” (As J-Powell has referenced)?

I can see how the exorbitant prices of raw materials will come down as global supply chain bottlenecks eventually resolve themselves, but when has a consumer business (such… Read full article
Here is a Market Recap for today Tuesday, May 18, 2021
**PsychoMarket Recap - Tuesday, May 18, 2021**

Stocks held steady today, with the three major indexes trading within a 0.5% range of the even line. It’s encouraging to see the market holding steady after the volatility experienced in the last… Read full article
Brilliant but simple google search terms that work for red hot stock recommendations that score!?!
I have had to deal with a lot of painful personal tragedies in my family this last year and other hardships. So I threw myself headfirst into stock investing and I feel like I have overcome all the pain I… Read full article
Why are Insider Trading and Pump and Dump illegal, if it's called the free market?

The free market is defined as „a system in which the prices for goods and services are self-regulated by buyers and sellers negotiating in an open market. In a free market, the laws and forces of supply and demand are… Read full article
Things I wish people had told me when I started investing
I’ve been doing really well and I feel like sharing my thoughts for anyone interested. These are the things I wish I had known which would have saved me a lot of setbacks.

Ignore the charts. Don’t even look at… Read full article
$ GRCL Looking Juicy
We ran some screeners yesterday and came across GRCL. Its a newer stock, not a lot of data to go off of, but only the daily it has finally found a bottom and finished consolidating.
Im looking to swing this… Read full article
ZKIN 15m Outlook

Since the last outlook the price of ZKIN has increased by impressive 16% as it's being traded above psychological resistance at $5 per share.

The double bottom pattern seen a success!

As the price broke trough the key resistance at… Read full article
Insights needed on shorting a previous day's "Rapid Gainers"
I noticed that most shares that rise rapidly (i.e. 10% or more on a given day) tends to go down the next day. I know that I can short many of these high volume "rapid gainers" from my trading account… Read full article
The Purpose of Trading Forex: How Your "Why" Determines Your Results
When I first heard about Forex trading around 2004, (this was before crypto trading existed) I was immediately intrigued and fascinated. Every day, for what seems like endless hours, I caught myself daydreaming and thinking about the idea itself and… Read full article
Reminder: Michael Burry the "genius autist" doubted the election results last November. It's absurd how many retail sheeple worship him coz of the movie
The truth is he doesn't have a great track record. He got lucky with the sub prime crisis. EVERYONE KNEW THERE WAS A BUBBLE. It didn't even have to pop. Real estate "bubble" in places in canada and australia never… Read full article
🐹 Hamster Token - Breaking news, SpaceX finds a $ HAMSTER?
SpaceX and ElonMusk

Are already pumping Hamster Token?


Website: [](
Telegram: [\_Token](
Twitter: [\_Token](

​ Read full article
BioMason & Ecovative could upset the manufacturing industry. Keep an eye on these two.
Ecovative- takes mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms) to create incredible, 100% compostable alternatives to plastics, leather, styrofoam packaging, meat and more.

BioMason- Developer of a biotechnology based building materials technology designed to offer biological cement-based building materials. The company's… Read full article
Leaving Your Account Alone or Constantly Trading?
I just started investing in the stock market this year and feel pretty optimistic about my mini portfolio. I have been obsessively researching stocks, news, and trying to make predictions for what opportunities the word re-opening might bring.

All of… Read full article
Tencent Music $TME Announces Q1 2021 Unaudited Financial Results
Financial and Operational Highlights

\- Total revenues were RMB7.82 billion (US$1.19 billion), representing an increase of 24.0% year-over-year.

\- Online music paying users reached 60.9 million, increasing by 42.6% year-over-year. On a sequential basis, the number of online music paying… Read full article
Stock Market Analysis May 17, 2921
Market Status (Buying Pressure)The next three days will make three of the distribution days for both the $SPY and $QQQ go into the less significant zone. That is a good thing, as long as they don’t gain more distribution days.… Read full article
Potential IPOE short squeeze set up for May 21 Call

Given that shareholders will vote next week to merge with SOFI, it's the perfect catalyst for IPOE to have shorts squeeze this week. If we pass share price $17.50, $20.00, and $22.50, Market Makers(MMs) will need to buy 3.75 Million… Read full article
ING raises price target Besi 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Stock market view: ING raises price target Besi On Tuesday ING increased the price target for BE Semiconductor Industries from 75.00 to 90.00 euros while maintaining the buy advice.

In the first quarter figures, ING saw that the revival in… Read full article
BIGG Digital Assets Inc.(CSE: BIGG/ OTCQX: BBKCF/ WKN: A2PS9W)Canadian Crypto Platform with Solutions to Trace Blockchain Transactions

BIGG is a blockchain technology company in the crypto space with two solutions: Netcoins, a crypto trading platform primarily targeting Canadian investors, and BitRank and QLUE, products designed to assess risk levels of crypto transactions, and trace transactions for… Read full article
Here is a Market Recap for today Monday, May 17, 2021
**PsychoMarket Recap - Monday, May 17, 2021**

The market fell modestly on Monday, as concerns over rising inflation, marked by a higher than expected print in the April Consumer Price Index (CPI), continued. Technology stocks continued their volatility, with the… Read full article
How to hedge against inflation Michael Burry style

This is a portion of some of my recent inflation DD from researching Michael Burry/Scion's recent 13F plays. I thought it was an interesting investing strategy and wanted to share it here in case anyone is interested. There's more research… Read full article
Reopening with 3D printing? Is DDD a strong buying opportunity?
Reopening with 3D printing? Is DDD a strong buying opportunity?

* 3D printing is currently growing at a CAGR of 24%
* DDD sits at the top of this with its additive manufacturing focus
* DDD specializes in medical and… Read full article
Something that I may have found in VIX
I was building a markov regime switching model of VIX returns and then computing the smoothed probability of low, medium, and high variance regimes. The graphs look like


The first thing that I noticed is that large spikes… Read full article
Teenager advice
Context: 19 years old and plan to slowly keep adding VTI, VOO/VOOG, AAPL and MSFT as my paychecks come in. I can usually buy 1 share every 2 weeks.

-3.01 shares VTI

-3 shares VOOG

-10 shares XOM

-5 shares… Read full article
More shorting on Gamestop at 167$ by Glacier Capital!! Where do y'all think this is headed?
Hey Y'all!
Below is a letter they had issued to their investors, as per the website 'Seeking Alpha'.

\*\*We took a small short position in GME (167 USD). We will continuously hedge the position to avoid being forced out at… Read full article
ZKIN 15m Outlook
Since the last outlook the price of ZKIN has fell by almost 3%.

As the price failed to hold above key support at $4.50, a breakdown has occurred. This breakdown led to extended losses to $4.30, where the dip was… Read full article
How is NIO not extremely undervalued?
How is NIO not extremely undervalued?

Sort of a investing newbie, but shouldn’t nio be around 10x the price it is currently? Being Tesla’s largest competitor in their niche, nio’s market cap doesn’t justify being 1/10th of tsla’s. Tesla has… Read full article
What does this corporate action mean (IPOE).
What exactly does this mean? I think they want my shares of ipoe for $10 a piece, right? If I have options in Robinhood would they be affected by this? If I want to keep my shares or options contracts… Read full article
Don’t have the money to invest, but i’ve been studying crypto for over 8 months now, i would almost be a millionaire today.
Hey everybody, i’ve been studying coin charts and discussing with coin groups, telegrams etc for almost a year now, but on the edge with rent and family. Time’s are very difficult but i’ve managed to put 5$ per month towards… Read full article
Subreddit devoted to history of companies/industries?
Been trying to find the right subreddit for this question but to no avail. I’m very much interested in reading up on how companies came to be, how industries went through cycles of growth/consolidation etc. Trying to find a subreddit… Read full article
Hydrogen and Ballard Power, Discussion
*The post is a mix of company and industry discussion!*

Hydrogen with potential to lead renewables? Massively under pressure in the last few weeks. Leading companies like Ballard Power Systems - A0RENB (Canada) still have a short volume of over… Read full article
How is my long term diversification?
So I started trading last year and decided to go long term on some stocks that I really felt like had potential. I looked at diversification and thought it would fit my ideal investing strategy, so I decided to start… Read full article
How is my long term diversification?
So I started trading last year and decided to go long term on some stocks that I really felt like had potential. I looked at diversification and thought it would fit my ideal investing strategy, so I decided to start… Read full article
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