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I built a spreadsheet to track and analyze stocks!
Hey everyone,

I created a *spreadsheet to track & analyze stocks.* So far it has received **19,000+ upvotes accross Reddit!**

[**Here's a copy**](

**It consists of two sheets:**

1. **Tracker:** A way to track various stocks and automatically pull financial… Read full article
What is your buy-dip-strategy?
I have several positions that are getting hit hard. I don’t really care, as it are imo quality positions which will go up long term (3-5years).
I still have 45% cash to buy the dips, but curious how you guys… Read full article
Prepared to live with this for a while
IMHO, the market is not going to bounce back tomorrow or next week. It’ll keep going down and will stabilize eventually. I decided to cut my losses on the chances I took, the positions I took in companies that I… Read full article
No need to panic
Why is the market tanking in recent weeks?

First, what it isn't: Treasury yields. Don't listen to the news. This just means that no one wants to buy bonds so the price of bonds is going up to attract new… Read full article
3h ago
Reddit Stock Market
Weird times
Things are a mess in general right now. I think everyone here knows that. But I'm a relatively new investor who is mostly in ETFs (main = VTI), and I'm looking for someone with a lot of experience to share… Read full article
Robinhood has invisible margin, is this legal?
so heres the situation:

i had some stock (not a lot just a handful) in Robinhood, robinhood forces you to a margin account but it was Not bought on margin that was My Money. so robinhood started acting shady so… Read full article
How will the stock market look like after Corona & the Great Reset? (no conspiracy)
Hello Fellows,

I started investing in January 2020 just a few weeks before WHO declared the corona pandemic. So I have just little experience probably. My biggest concern is that there will be no significant growth in stocks for the… Read full article
When is it okay to sell at a loss?
I started investing six months ago, made some mistakes along the way but overall I invested intelligently and made some profit, but last week I opened an account on Questrade to try some pennystocks. I then made a couple of… Read full article
Stocks to Watch 04/03/2021
Good morning,

Not much exciting me in the pre-market. A few mergers/buyouts, but these aren't good for day trading typically. Here are the few stocks I'll be predominantly watching into the market open:

1. **$SNGX (Soligenix) -** Gapped up slightly… Read full article
Goodmorning Traders ... Are we seeing real sale side activity yet...NO not yet... my 3/4/21 Premarket outlook Technical Analysis

Good morning Traders, **Are we seeing real sale side activity yet...NO not yet**. I will go thru the spy chart in the video below but looking at things this morning here is how to interpret things... [](

So we had… Read full article
(3/4) Thursday's Pre-Market Stock Movers & News
#Good morning traders and investors of the r/StockMarket sub! Welcome to Thursday! Here are your pre-market stock movers & news on this Thursday, March 4th, 2021-


# [What to watch today: Stock futures lower ahead of jobless claims, Powell… Read full article
$MAC looks like it is next to take off here!
Undervalued and coiling nicely! 40% of the float is short and 93% held by institutions. It looks ready to take off IMO. Look at $SKT and the squeeze. $MAC has not taken off yet. IMO the reopening of the malls… Read full article
Accepting I don’t have the temperamental qualities to actively invest
Warren Buffet always says how you don’t need to have the highest IQ you need to have a rock solid temperament. I now know what he means.

A couple months back I decided to try actively “invest” 10 percent of… Read full article
Getting opinions on rare earths with Bidens new supply chain plan
Looking for thoughts.

I'm holding MP Materials and TMRC.

MP materials holds "light" rare earths and is based in California. Whatever isn't controlled by China basically comes from here. The original color tvs were made using rare earths from this… Read full article
3/4/21 Thoughts
1) futures are all down this morning and it looks like the market may be heading into bear territory. What to do?
- First off, as if yelled at the clouds previously, this could be the second best buying opportunity… Read full article
MOMO Inc. a mispriced gamble and asymmetric risk reward profile?
Here's a DD/value analysis of MOMO Inc., which has declined massively (\~60%) from past highs.

I would also go that far and compare the company to some kind of "Chinese Dating GME ". GME was the right investment for me… Read full article
Cathie Wood ArkInvest 03/03 | Wood Homework
Hello, everyone. I'm DK.

Stocks market are bleeding again today, and the Nasdaq has made another deep pullback. $ETF (QQQ)$ has retreated by about 8% from its recent high. Do not panic, only 8% of the pullback, the correction in… Read full article
11h ago
Reddit Stock Market
Vale (VALE)
Alright guys I’m new here so if I mess any rules or format up plz go easy on me.

I just started investing and went to Tesla first ofc. After doing more research I came across a Brazilian Mining company… Read full article
London stocks
Hello everyone.

As we saw yesterday , and most in the previous week , in my opinion we have a correction.

However because i found a little crazy the nasdaq and nyse according to the **volatility** and so many **pumps… Read full article
Industrial Diversification with NUE, STLD, and STAG: DD/Discussion.
So I am currently looking to diversify into the industrial sector as I’ve noticed I don’t have any holdings in that sector and feel that with the Dems in charge there could be a infrastructure bill or just plain infrastructure… Read full article
Roast/ critique my portfolio
Hey everyone long time lurker finally becoming active and posting. I have been investing for under a year now. I am 28 years old with 2 kids... my financial goals is to long term invest for the next 15+ years… Read full article
With Guardant Health ($GH) Leading the Way, the Liquid Biopsy Industry Will Be Similar To The Tech Revolution In Terms Of Size And Disruption
Having done a bit of DD on **Guardant Health** ($**GH**) I wanted to share my views on the company. As always, I appreciate any and all feedback.

While other companies are making significant strides in early cancer detection (i.e. **Exact… Read full article
AMD Analysis: Update
AMD Analysis Update:


In today's session, AMD followed the market and dropped 3.50 points.


By looking at the body of the recent candle, we can see how bearish it is; very small wicks on both top and bottom… Read full article
Liquidate vs Hold: New Money Scenario
Dumped 80k in 3 weeks ago. 70% SCHB, 25% VXUS, 2.5% SPACs 2.5% PLTR. Don't plan on needing this money until retirement (unless some stupid crazy emergency my emergency and house funds couldn't cover).

I'm down about $1k if I… Read full article
Why the stock market is not crashing:
First off, let's go straight to the point. The last few weeks have been a bloodbath for most of the market. To many, especially new traders, this seems like a full blown market crash. Well, it's not... a market crash… Read full article
Here is a Market Recap for today Wednesday, March 3, 2021
**PsychoMarket Recap - Wednesday, March 3, 2021**

Stocks fell for the second straight day, with technology stocks dropping sharply as the Treasury yield ticked higher once again. The S&P 500 fell 1.3%. The Nasdaq Composite fell 2.7%, the second consecutive… Read full article
23h ago
Reddit Stock Market
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