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Source: Reddit Stock Market

Deposit/Withdrawal At Custodian - What is your opinion?
The recent hype to $DWAC led me to a few places that were eye opening. If anyone follows the GameStop ($GME) saga, they will know the recent trend of using the transfer agent Computershare to direct register shares purchased via… Read full article
Desktop Metal - The Next Industrial Revolution
**Desktop Metal** (NYSE:DM) is a designer, producer and seller of 3D printers focussed towards efficient solutions for both mass-production and forward-thinking technologies in a wide variety of fields. So why is this company so exciting? Here’s a brief overview.

WHAT… Read full article
The Chinese Twitch: 虎牙直播 (Huya Live)
Everyone’s favourite streaming platform, Twitch, has a Chinese version of it,


And it's related to a tiger's tooth (cool aint it?)


This is how Huya works and why you should take notice of this company 👇


The… Read full article
Stopping to dabble, ready to commit
Short version:

Been playing around for to long. Where can I learn more to be better.

Seriously though I want to get better at trading and I need pointers on how to find good good information. The goal is to… Read full article
ETFs with Investments in SP500 Winners of 10/22/2021
Three ETF's per winner (when available)

**ETF Ticker | % invested in Winner | ETF Full Name**

**Industrials**: ETFs investing in Equifax Inc.

**Health Care**: ETFs investing in Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
MJJ-- 9.91%  Microsectors Cannabis ETN
EPRE-- 4.57%  First… Read full article
SP500 Winners and Losers | 10/22/2021

Winner of the day by sector | **SP500**:

**Sector |** Company **| Ticker |** % Price Change

1. **Industrials** | Equifax Inc. | **EFX** | 5.01%
2. **Health Care** | Mettler-Toledo International Inc. | **MTD** | 2.28%
3. **Information… Read full article
13h ago
Reddit Stock Market
Wall Street Week Ahead for the trading week beginning October 25th, 2021
Good Friday evening to all of you here on r/StockMarket. I hope everyone on this sub made out pretty nicely in the market this past week, and is ready for the new trading week ahead.

Here is everything you need… Read full article
$FB into Earnings this Monday. A Bullish perspective
**$FB into earnings this Monday, AH.**

I'm taking a minority view here on Facebook, and believe it'll breakout after earnings, in spite of;

1. regulatory pressures from Congress
2. SNAP's harbinger of advertising headwinds
3. Stock prices dropping after each… Read full article
Intrinsic Valuation for Beginners
Someone asked how to do an intrinsic valuation, so I broke down what I know about it, and used a simple company as an example.

[You can read it HERE](

*My goal in writing this, is to show you that*… Read full article
Psycho Market Recap - Friday October 22
Today was a complete day of stock market activity. For the Major Indexes the S&P 500 Index (SPY) although it finished basically even with a dip and recovery mid day, is closing at All Time Highs. The Dow Jones (DIA)… Read full article
19h ago
Reddit Stock Market
Going BALLS DEEP in this market green end of year before final weeks around christmas we have 6+ weeks of BULL left
I increased my positions this week on genetics plays and several others. We will see more green than red end of year before Jesus Christ's official Birthday Party.

*Meanwhile, companies are reporting earnings 15.4% above expectations — well above the… Read full article
JQW plc
I own shares in JQW plc a Chinese company that was listed on the London AIM market.

They are making that much money that they decided they no longer needed a stock market listing.

So they de-listed from the AIM… Read full article
Need screener like Telescan/Investools (now defunct--thanks TDAmeritrade)
I had some substantial success in the market using the above-named screener--I even got a writeup in FORBES back in 2014. TDAmeritrade did away with the screener, which allowed you to put in MULTIPLE criteria and then would RANK the… Read full article
Big week for technology companies - earnings releases next week (beginning 25th October 2021).
Hey guys, upcoming earnings! Which ones are you waiting for most?

Guys, where do you listen to them?

What is ahead of us:


Investors bet Inflation Pressure will Linger
Investors are beginning to bet that inflation pressure will linger. After months of hesitation and "transitory" inflation many are coming to grips with the new reality. After years of reckless government spending and the biggest stimulus passed by the US… Read full article
Here's Your Daily Market Brief For October 22nd
**📰 Top News**

* S&P 500 Futures are +.06%; Dow Futures are +.17%; NASDAQ Futures are -.19%
* **US stock futures are mixed after worrying signs from two tech companies, Snapchat and Intel.** Snapchat warned that Apple's new privacy rules… Read full article
Morning Update for Friday, 10/22/21
Good morning everyone. Have a nice Friday, and enjoy your weekend! Take it easy and spend some time away from the screens.

*This list is geared towards day trading. With the momentum watchlist especially, I am typically in and out… Read full article
"Hard Money's contest for the shittiest trader is finally here thanks to John W. Rich (Wealthy) and our friends over at [](!

"Lose-A-Million Trading Contest"

**Gist**: the contest is **FREE** \- Click the butons below (desktop browser/mobile app), create an… Read full article
Wall Street Crash of 1929: Everything You Need To Know
Wall Street Crash of 1929

Trading stocks and shares on the stock market can be seen as a quick and easy way to make money. However this isn’t always the case, historically stock market crashes have occurred throughout 20th Century… Read full article
I'm reading the FT and WSJ from 100 years ago each week leading to 1929
# October 17-23, 1921

This week, the FT coaches investors on the stock market's seasonal gloom and France reveals German attempts to game war reparations.

Quick Stats:

* DJIA: 70.77 (Today: 35,295)
* Shiller PE Ratio: 5.5 (Today: 38.1)
*… Read full article
ETFs with Investments in SP500 Winners of 10/21/2021
Three ETF's per winner (when available)

**ETF Ticker | % invested in Winner | ETF Full Name**

**Industrials**: ETFs investing in Generac Holdings Inc.
IVDG-- 3.44%  Invesco Focused Discovery Growth ETF
PRN-- 3.40%  Invesco DWA Industrials Momentum ETF
FFND-- 3.34%  … Read full article
Roth IRA help
I’m a little late to the game (42yr old) I started investing in April of this year. I have roughly $35k in stocks, and a measly $5k in a really old IRA. I am opening a Roth IRA in hopes… Read full article
Supply Chain Disruptions - discussion: how long will it last?
I recently came across this post highlighting the negative impact that COVID has caused on supply chain disruptions. Here are some of the quotes from the post that I find unreal:

* Nike "Prior to the pandemic, it would have… Read full article
How to find "rabbit" or identify potential MEME-stocks.
I will try to find commonalities in the dynamics of GME and AMC stocks.

According to my observations in meme stocks, there is one common trait. Determining the continued success of such a stock.

A few months before the upside… Read full article
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