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Anyone think Robinhoods 1.5% APY is worth?

I’m only interested in robinhoods interest on uninvested cash because I currently have a high yield checking, but the problem is I have to pay a fee every month, and if I don’t make 12 POS (point of sale) purchases… Read full article
TPI Composites (wind blade manufacturers) improve Q2 net margin loss to (1.2%) compared to (8.7%) last year - total cash up 26% YoY and liquidity improves
TPI Composites Inc (NSQ: TPIC) manufactures and sells composite wind blades, and related precision molding and assembly systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It operates in the United States, Asia, Mexico, Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East. The company… Read full article
Peloton to cut jobs, shut stores and raise prices in company-wide revamp

Aug 12 (Reuters) - Peloton Interactive Inc [**(PTON.O)**]( said on Friday it would cut jobs, shut stores and raise prices on its exercise equipment including treadmills and top-end bikes as it undertakes a company-wide revamp to shore up its… Read full article
I was correct about predicting inflation peaking and market bottom in June. Now I think there are 3 threats to economy and markets.
Recent 2 weeks’ declining inflation data and climbing jobless claims in US warranted my previous 2 posts in June that the inflation had peaked and economy started to shrink, and, the market has passed its bottom.

If you haven’t seen… Read full article
how do I transition from 70% sotcks / 30% etf to 100% etf
Hi guys,

how exactly should I do that? Shoud I just sell all my stocks regardless of the gain loss status, all at the same time?

Shoud I start selling the ones with the most gains or shoud I start… Read full article
Wall Street Week Ahead for the trading week beginning August 15th, 2022
Good Friday evening to all of you here on r/StockMarket! I hope everyone on this sub made out pretty nicely in the market this past week, and are ready for the new trading week ahead. :)

Here is everything you… Read full article
What are the most important scientific paper on stock market efficiency?
I'm trying to figure out if it is reasonable to hope to beat the stock market. I've read statements like "active funds underperform index funds", but depending on what method is used I can see that either indicating that there… Read full article
ESS Tech (iron flow batteries) post first revenue in Q2 and improved net losses - short-term and long-term liquidity improves
ESS Tech (NYSE: GWH) is an energy storage company, designing and producing long-duration batteries using earth-abundant materials. Its batteries provide flexibility to grid operators and energy assurance for commercial and industrial customers. Its technology addresses energy delivery, duration, and cycle-life… Read full article
Reporter looking to interview real people
Hi everyone. My name is Elisabeth Buchwald and I am a reporter with USA TODAY. (I promise I'm real []( I'm working on a story about how people have managed through some ugly stock market downturns. Did you have any… Read full article
Mark Cuban calls stock buybacks ‘everything wrong with what companies do,’ in response to the proposed tax on stock buybacks.
The entrepreneur Mark Cuban just took a stand in a debate that's hotly controversial in business circles and Congress.

No subject is more controversial in economic circles right now than taxes. Tensions heighten even more when the specific subject is… Read full article
OriginClear $OCLN Installs EveraBOX for Integrated Municipal Water Disinfection

***Top Firm Entech Engineering Taps OriginClear for Innovative Sustainability Solutions***

**CLEARWATER, Fla., August 12, 2022**\--([BUSINESS WIRE]( Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN), the Clean Water Innovation Hub™, announced the inaugural delivery and installation of its pre-engineered [EveraBOX](™ to implement a low-risk Liquid… Read full article
Dem Rep. Kathy Manning bought thousands in chip company stocks one day before voting to pass CHIPS Act
Democratic Rep. Kathy Manning, D-N.C., scooped up thousands of dollars in semiconductor company stock just one day before voting to pass a bill providing massive subsidies to the sector, new disclosures show. One of the companies is already planning large-scale… Read full article
Ford CEO Jim Farley: "Take that, Elon Musk."
Jim Farley, president of the Ford motor company, announced the Ford F-150 Lightning as the leader of all EV pick-up trucks, saying "Take that, Elon Musk." The Lightning has sold 2,296 units so far, with June 2022 being its first… Read full article
Dow Jones Futures Rise As Apple Stock Nears Buy Point

Dow Jones futures rose Friday, looking to cap a solid weekly gain as both the Nasdaq composite and S&P 500 set sights on their fourth straight weekly advance. Tech titan Apple stock is closing in on its latest buy… Read full article
FED is creating the next recession...
It is AMAZING that almost no one is paying attention to how the FED is causing us all to focus only on its short term interest rate.

However, it's mostly about the FED stop purchasing long term bonds, and letting… Read full article
Question about market manipulation
I've recently learned about ask/bid prices and I have a question.


If theoretically I sell a single share for 1 cent, this enters the book and becomes the lowest sell order, which turns the bid price to 1 cent.… Read full article
Investment DISCUSSION: Aluminium

Not an investment recommendation or advice, just some conversation. I am a Macro geek but not so much a stock picker..

Aluminium market is in structurally in deficit as demand has been above production. It already was the case… Read full article
Are you still using Robinhood? If not, then what else?
I'm looking into different brokerages right now and so far my favorite one I've come across is Public. What are your favorite investing platforms right now? I'm dipping my toes into Public mostly for the social community, but they're also… Read full article
I have hope for ANOTHER lower CPI report
The latest inflation report was much better than expected and the next question becomes; will it be ‘too good’ and set the bar too high for the next report?

I’ve been watching closely and I think we’re headed to another… Read full article
Thoughts on Bionano Genomics? Is it still a 3-10x after already 10x this month due to first study publication of a customer using their software? 🤔
Hi everyone. I‘m thinking about boiling down most of my china/tech-stocks and stuffing them into Bionano Genomics. First run is already through due to the publication of a cancer research institute using their software - replacing a best practice in… Read full article
What are your thoughts about China over the next month
I’m sure by now, a lot of people have heard about the issues people are having with withdrawing from their banks in China. There’s a couple videos out there including one by graham. Whole thing about the population not having… Read full article
PMCC gets assigned, im using an example. help me out here stock heads

So lets say i own an AMZN leap at 140$ (2790$) expires 6/21/2024

and i sold a weekly AMZN call at 144$ (avg credit 1.02) expires tomorrow

It gets assigned, In theory i:

buy 100 shares at 140 dollars= 14,000… Read full article
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