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Why ATARI (PONGF) is my pick for the moon

**Company background**

This is a company I've heard of - they've made some games in the 1980s. I'm not sure what they've done since other then being based in France.


Their price has fallen from nearly $0.90 to $0.50… Read full article
New Trading Platform
Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a new trading platform that will help users earn more profits. The platform will consist of very new features and market information that is necessary to become a profitable trader. I attached a… Read full article
Anyone see a pattern? ...

You can say to forget Gamestop as much as you want. It's not gonna happen... Read full article
SP500 Winners and Losers | 6/17/2021
Winner of the day by sector | **SP500**:
**Sector |** Company **| Ticker |** % Price Change

1. **Industrials** | Generac Holdings Inc. | **GNRC** | 2.50%
2. **Health Care** | Danaher Corporation | **DHR** | 5.04%
3. **Information… Read full article
WLLW is 10x by year end
WLLW stock opportunity post

WLLW is going to 10X by the end of the year.

I’m mega-bullish on this stock. I’ve been holding it for 6 months now, slowly increasing my shareholdings, and waiting for the company to finish their… Read full article
🚀🚀🚀 $SPCE - ready to go! 🚀🚀🚀
the short interest is there, volume is moving, price is the decent target, and with the pending announcement of either a Bronson flight before July 20th or at least the normal crew flight all equal potential for growth natural growth… Read full article
Market Status: 6/17.2021
Market Status: Uptrend (5/5)

The $SPY closed lower than the previous day on higher volume and did not gain a distribution day. The signals indicate that we are still in a current uptrend overall. The $QQQ also didn't sell-off day… Read full article
I’ve read that a short position can be held indefinitely. Why would a top 10 hedge fund be forced to cover their short position?
According to fintel, Citadel has a portfolio size of $407,634,321,000, thats 400…billion. Thats about 80 billion more than Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos net worth combined.

Citadel isn’t even the biggest, just most talked about lately. It makes retail investors… Read full article
Question about options
I’m having trouble understanding something about options. I’m going to use an example.

Today's date September 17th

Nike is at $119
Let’s say I went with buy Nike $120 Call 9/18th my question is

Question 1) Does the expiration date… Read full article

WPF-WT Warrants are coiled and ready to **EXPLODE**.

**The price of these are criminally undervalued at just $1.75 as of writing and are likely headed towards $8-$9 once this merger finalizes on June 30th.**

If you're not familiar with warrants,… Read full article
Cielo Waste Solutions has received conditional approval to list on the TSXV
Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. has received conditional approval to list on the TSX Venture Exchange. The date to commence trading is still to be determined, but they anticipate that it will be very soon. Cielo currently has common shares on… Read full article
Anyone else feel like they have missed endless opportunities so far?
I’m 25, and recently I’ve been giving a lot of thought to just how many amazing opportunities on the stock market I’ve missed over the years. The once-in-a-lifetime bull run of mid to late 2020 and early 2021, much earlier… Read full article
$CRSR DD : Monday was a Warm Up be ready for the real Take Off! (Shorties are sweaty)
# Corsair Gaming, Elgato and the streaming industry

I think we are all aware that the gaming and streaming industry is booming. Some people are saying that it was just a **“covid play”**. I want to see their face when… Read full article
New Educational Resource

Hi Everyone,

I have been creating a FREE website concerned with finance and investing topics:

The aim is to deliver complex content in a straightforward way!

The main reason that I decided to create this is because I struggled… Read full article
$BBIG Be Big

$BBIG: To be more precise, it's Be BIG. Buy. Innovate. Grow.

Vinco Ventures ($BBIG) is making a big splash in the non-fungible token (NFT) and social media arenas with its latest ventures. The company recently announced a launch into the… Read full article
Where does everyone find new prospective investments?
As a fairly new trader, i’ve been making my way up the steep learning curve trying to reflect on my actions to improve my next decisions.

One thing I’ve noticed is somewhat challenging is just finding new companies that i’d… Read full article
VBIV: Reasons to believe a GSK Partnership, M&A or Buyout could be coming

\#1. **GBM ph2 partnership that has received FDA Fast Track recently**.

**Patent data discovered by ST bmkb24 suggests a move by GSK with that pipeline**




\#2. **Hep B approval guaranteed in november vs Engerix-B (old)**… Read full article
Netlist vs google (patent litigation). 06/16/2021 144 ORDER SETTING DISCOVERY HEARING; ORDER TO MEET AND CONFER AND FILE JOINT LETTER. Signed by Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero on 6/16/2021
06/16/2021 144 ORDER SETTING DISCOVERY HEARING; ORDER TO MEET AND CONFER AND FILE JOINT LETTER. Signed by Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero on 6/16/2021.
Discovery Hearing re 135 Joint Discovery Letter Brief to Judge Spero filed by Netlist, Inc.,… Read full article
$PLCE: Retail Wars the Kids Strike Back

Greetings fellow Degenerates, the force has led me to $PLCE and I have sensed Death Star sized tendies are strong with this one.


**TLDR:** The Place is a children's clothes retailer and manufacturer whose sales have been… Read full article
GME - Russell 1000 vs Russell 2000
If you havent seen the news, the Russell indexes' annual reconstitution is coming up next week and it looks like GME is going to be moving up. How will that effect things? Well, mainly, a selloff of Russell2000 index and… Read full article
The IPO market has hit records this year. Here are the recent debuts to watch
[IPO market has hit records in 2021, here are the recent debuts to watch (](

**PUBLISHED WED, JUN 16 20216:42 PM EDT**

[**Keris Lahiff**]([**@KERISALISON**](

It’s been a [record-breaking year]( for companies making their public debuts on Wall Street — and… Read full article
In-depth TSLA DD!
If you like this post please consider following me [here.]( (There will be another link at the end of this article for after you read and hopefully enjoy it)

**Can Tesla be Touched?**

Love them or hate them, there is… Read full article
Entheon's Wholly-Owned HaluGen Life Sciences and Silo Wellness Announces Psychedelics Genetic Test Kit Partnership.

Entheon Biomedical Corp., a biotechnology company focused on developing psychedelic medicines to treat addiction, and Silo Wellness Inc.**,** a functional and psilocybin mushroom company and psychedelic wellness retreats operator, have signed a referral agreement,… Read full article
All-star investor Rich Bernstein warns bitcoin is a bubble, sees oil as the most ignored bull market
[Bitcoin is bubble, but oil is most ignored bull market, Rich Bernstein says (](

**PUBLISHED MON, JUN 14 20217:33 PM EDT UPDATED TUE, JUN 15 20211 1:42 AM EDT**

[**Stephanie Landsman**]([**@STEPHLANDSMAN**](

**In this article**

* [**BTC.CB=+36.61** **(+0.09%)**](
* [**@CL.1+0.05** **(+0.07%)**](… Read full article
$COCP looks cheap and have a new catalyst news.
“Cocrystal’s Lead COVID-19 Antiviral CDI-45205 Shown to be Active Against SARS-CoV-2 and Two Prominent SARS-CoV-2 Variants.”

Also if you analise the last 12 months will see the tendency to break U$ 2 every few weeks. Right now there’s momentum building… Read full article
HOLLYWOOD, FL, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthier Choices Management Corp. (HCMC)  (“HCMC or the “Company”) announced that Philip Morris… Read full article
HOLLYWOOD, FL, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthier Choices Management Corp. (HCMC)  (“HCMC or the “Company”) announced that Philip Morris… Read full article
Cruise Lines Upgraded 2Outperform............. --
I tried posting this earlier & seems to have not taken, was lost, or whatever. Second, effort.

I've been living a Conundrum ........ waiting, praying to Vishneu, tossing 40 Yr old virgins (They swear) into volcano's, burning incense &… Read full article
Best Practice Exchange

I am looking for peoples recommendations for virtual practice exchanges. When I am working on a new strategy I like to use a practice portfolio as my watch list so that I can also get an idea about the… Read full article
Best way to hedge in a portfolio
What does everyone use as a hedge in your portfolio if any? Also what percentage do you have as a hedge? I know a lot of people traditionally will have gold, but gold really wasn't a good hedge in 3/20.… Read full article
Bullish for JOAN - DD (Reposted)
Ladies and Gents, 

I have modified my investing approach and am now a value investor. My goal is to always buy good companies at bargain prices. 

This is my short DD for ticker symbol “JOAN”, the underlying company is Joann… Read full article
Why is oracle down so much?

I find it weird that Oracle has dropped from $85 to $76 in just a few days. The fall accelerated when positive earnings came in. The company is growing into the cloud at more than a modest rate.

I am… Read full article
Own Amazon Share or Sell
Good afternoon everyone!

Just a little background information about myself. I’ve been investing in the stock market for a little over a year now and have been fortunate enough to build my portfolio into a sizable amount. I’m currently 22… Read full article
Market Status 6/16/2021
Market Status: Uptrend (5/5)

Both the $SPY and $QQQ gained a distribution day today, and at the same time, each lost a distribution day. The market as a whole remains in a healthy standing (stage two uptrend) as both ETFs… Read full article
SP500 Winners and Losers | 6/16/2021
Winner of the day by sector | **SP500**:
**Sector |** Company **| Ticker |** % Price Change

1. **Industrials** | Generac Holdings Inc. | **GNRC** | 2.05%
2. **Health Care** | Centene Corp | **CNC** | 3.77%
3. **Information… Read full article
SWCH (SWITCH) ***Rated Strong Buy, Reported Great Earnings, and is the Most Advanced Data Center on the Planted*** Located in LAS VEGAS!
Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Switch is built on the intelligent and sustainable growth of the Internet. Its Founder and CEO, Rob Roy, developed more than 750 issued and pending patent claims covering data center designs… Read full article
I unveil the simple strategy that allows me and a lot of traders to make at least 10% profits on single quick trades with examples - $BNTC $IHT $WISH
>Please, before using this strategy, use it with simulated trading so that you can master it.


**Hi everyone, I posted this strategy weeks ago on another subreddit. But since there was a lot of interest under my weekly watchlist… Read full article
Putting all of my money in the stock market
Hello, I’m a 20 year old looking to start building my investment portfolio. I have enough $$$ in my savings account to live off for about 6-8 months, so I think now’s a good time to start. I plan to… Read full article
Thoughts on $EDU, $TAL, and $GOTU?
With the CCP supposedly having an upcoming ban (2 weeks) on tutoring in China these stocks are beginning to be panic sold and are taking a huge hit. I am thinking of investing into the fear and picking up some… Read full article
Anyone interested in buying and investing and saving website?

I own a company called “The Early Investor” [Website]( We publish articles teaching newer generations how to properly save and invest their money. We cover investing strategies, saving strategies, etc… The site is monetized via affiliate links from banks, brokerage… Read full article
WeedMaps is now public! $MAPS DD- Tech + Cannabis 🥦🚀
WeedMaps Technology Inc, $MAPS is now public on the NASDAQ. This is the first cannabis-tech company of this caliber to be publicly listed. They don’t have to go OTC like other US cannabis stocks since they don’t “touch the plant”.… Read full article
GoPro has the potential for a massive squeeze
At 1.85bn market cap, -66% since IPO, and 14.51% of the float short, GoPro (GPRO) has become a forgotten action-camera hardware player that is due for a massive squeeze on the back of a pivot in the business and COVID… Read full article
$CRTX DD - An Alzheimer's therapeutics company with low float, high short interest, is almost 20% lower than its all-time high, AND helps diseased people. I'm extremely bullish, and you should be too.

* **$CRTX-** Cortexyme is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutics based on data supporting a new theory of the cause of Alzheimer's and other degenerative disorders. The target has been **validated** in a number of animal models and Cortexyme is enrolling… Read full article
Ship Building Reflections..........
A resurgence in new builds is both reflective & prescriptive IMO. New builds will be more fuel efficient, cleaner, & will flood Mrkt lowering rates, increase pressure on ports, lower shipping rates, change commodity pricing, etc, etc. Your analysis as… Read full article
Analysis of my last 10 trades - Easily catching market waves
This is my second portfolio, but I follow the strategy below also on my main one.

It is a simple strategy and it's proving to be very effective for me.

What do you think? Anybody trades in a similar way?… Read full article
WISH DD Using Capital IQ (Part 1 of 3)- What True Fundamentals say About the Real Value of WISH


This information is all off of its most recent quarterly report on March 12th. Therefore, this analysis is based on the most current public data on the company. I pulled all of it from Capital IQ (the gold standard… Read full article
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