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Need to step away for my mental health...
For my own mental health, I've decided to temporarily delete my trading apps, stocktwits, and unsubscribe from any trading, investment, or individual stocks subs while we go through this correction.

I'm still long on my penny stocks and haven't sold… Read full article
Small DD on a extremely undervalued Stock PTMN
This stock is undervalued and unnoticed by many investors!!
This might be the next $RKT.

The company is Portman Ridge Finance Corporation (PTMN)
It is an investment company (possible loans to business)

It has extremely good financial reports and it… Read full article
Deep Breath
$PLYZ is still in business and when they catch up on their filings it will return to late 2019 prices.

$XMET deal is still a go, the same deal you saw coming when you invested is still coming.

$OZSC is… Read full article
To those in fear, some perspective
People, I know it’s scary right now. Pennies had a good run for awhile and now they are taking it across the chin like Ali during the Thrilla in Manilla. But here’s the thing,


Why is… Read full article
Jesus Quintero, CEO of Marijuana Company of America Inc., Discusses Potential of Recent Developments in Audio Interview with


Quintero discusses how MCOA’s share exchange program with Cannabis Global Inc. (OTC: CBGL) has strengthened both companies’ balance sheets, as well as their ability to gain greater market traction and expand operations. That is just the beginning Quintero… Read full article
Just another reminder for people to be aware of the risks when investing in pennystocks ESPECIALLY while the market is dropping like it is. Beware of pump and dumps from bagholders and understand there are no safe bets in this market. Save your money and don't take unneccesary gambles.
The market is officially in correction territory. My portfolio was uncomfortably big on pennystocks and I felt the force of that risk in the past few weeks. Fortunately I realised the direction we were heading and cut my losses a… Read full article
Is it going to get worse?
In your opinions, is this drop going to get worse.

Even the more robust “penny” stocks like BNGO and ALPP have dropped an unholy amount.

I don’t want to be that guy, but I’m tempted to secure what little profits… Read full article
Anyone still feeling good about ASRT?
Seems like they should move with the market when it eventually rises. They have a couple catalysts in the near future. I’m still confident and buying the dips. Thoughts? Read full article
There are Deals Out There $BBRW
[$BBRW]( \- $0.00765 +0.00245 (+47.12%) There Are Deals Out There - Ride The Wave!!!

BrewBilt Orders for 1st Quarter Exceed $3.1M and $125M Strategic Partnership With BrewBilt Brewing Company - []( Read full article
Grey Markets: How do you feel about them?
Generally when a security falls into Grey, it means brokers see it is as high risk as there is no one really in it right now, and they tend to be dark or defunct companies in OTC Pink priced in… Read full article
CTXR Stem-Cell Therapy for COVID-19 1 hour ago release!!
1 hour ago CTXR released that they're doing covid-19 stem-cell therapy!

LInk from their website

This is huge for us! I just bought the dip again! Read full article
LYG Undervalued premier British bank disguised as a penny stock !
At $2.25 LYG is a very undervalued ADR ( suffering in 2020 from Brexit uncertainty , BOEngland orders to banks to stop paying the dividend in 2020etc.) CATALYST: BOE has now approved resumption of dividends; Brexit uncertainty is over and… Read full article
$RTON - We Need Some Good News
Let The Healing Begin - []( Read full article
Most mentioned stocks in the last 48 hours
Hey everyone! Here are the most mentioned stocks in the last 48 hours. Which one do you think is going to make it to my Sunday DDs? I pulled over 100 tickers so If you want info on a specific… Read full article
$WSGF - I bought 150,000 shares of Vacaychella on today's dip @ .02705 average. Expecting big upside as we get closer to full app launch in June. Company targets a segment within a $6.8 trillion market.
# Short-Term Rental Property Purchases Targeting Growing Segment Within 6.8 Trillion Market. WSGF acquired Vaycaychella, a business facilitating financing for the purchase and renovation of real estate properties for the purpose of generating revenue from short-term vacation rentals. Vaycaychella is… Read full article
$GNUS $2 stock major catalyst released today about 2hr ago. Disney partnership
Press release Read full article
Kraken Robotics (KRKNF) military deal press release Read full article
Cognetivity's OptiMind App Reaches Rommercialization in the Growing Telehealth Industry

**The Telehealth Industry is Booming!**

Telehealth or Telemedicine is starting to boom across the world, as countries and doctors issued stay at home orders in the wake of the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is… Read full article
ALST - Positive news and recent drop without any real cause - now is the time to buy
Been following ALST for a while. Had some news come out today that will be good for them and their balance sheet (see below). They've also dropped significantly over the past couple weeks, but there's no negative news or real… Read full article
Seems like NASDAQ is crashing
What do you do in times like these where you're steady loosing 5-10 percent everyday? No fault of your own. I've done my dd and trust my companies but there's no reason for them to be going down. Read full article
I hope all of you are hanging in there. Seeing stocks in Red can slowly erode your resilience and lead to poor mental health outcomes.
I hope you all hold. But I would never give that advice. I have seen my portfolio go crazy in the last 3 months since I got back into pennies. Each paycheck I would add more and more and everything… Read full article
I gotta be one of the worst investors
Down about $50k in just the past month. Almost daily I’ve watched my portfolio go down between $4k to $8k while telling myself it’s ok, it’ll bounce back. I get happy on days I only lose $1k. That’s how bad… Read full article
$RTON ENDO Brands To Convert All CBD And Delta-8 Products To Environmentally Friendly Glass Bottles

Dallas, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - March 4, 2021) - Right on Brands, Inc.™ (OTC Pink: RTON), a developer of a broad line of hemp and CBD-based foods, beverages, tinctures, and topical products and the exciting new 100% federally legal Delta-8… Read full article
American Green, Inc.(TM) (OTC:ERBB) Is Now Accepting Bitcoin and Other Popular CryptoCurrencies for CBD and All Products Purchased on Its E-Commerce Store
As of today, American Green accepts the following cryptocurrencies on

� Bitcoin (BTC)

� Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

� Dai (DAI)

� Ethereum (ETH)

� LiteCoin (LTC)

� USD Coin (USDC)

Our online team looks forward to continued growth in… Read full article
Anyone notice a pattern in the red?
I was shuffling some investments around about a week back so I dont have accuracy on this pattern for longer than this week.

But I hold about 10 penny shares of differing values and this week I've noticed on market… Read full article
What is going on I’m in 8 stocks at the moment and all of them dropped 10+% today
Different sectors as well. So tired of this Im now down to a 4 month low. I literally cant seem to make any money since September Read full article
Red red red!!!
I know I haven't lost anything because I haven't sold, but being down thousands is really killing me. I'm assuming it just a blip in the market because it's everything. I can't look anymore. I'm just going to look on… Read full article
$SUGR (US TICKER $RLLRF) - Sugarbud Craft Growers corporate update & 2021 outlook

Hey guys,

Was going to post some images highlighting all the important points for a quick view, but I found myself highlighting basically everything on the document. This year is going be huge for this company.

**Shares are currently at… Read full article
$SIML to become Brewbuilt Brewing
If you’ve been following Jeff Lewis and $BBRW then you probably seen the headline awhile back regarding Mr. Lewis joining SIML as CEO. Today’s article discussed BBRW reporting $3.1M in the first quarter and $17M in pending orders. The kicker… Read full article
Pulmatrix (PULM) Clinical and Business update Read full article
Lotto Play
What’s your favorite 0.00** play? I have $50 left over that I just want throw into something and see what happens Read full article
Ideanomics Invests 10M Euro into Energica Motor Company S.p.A.

[Energica Motor Company S.p.A](


**March 4, 2021 Ideanomics Inc.** (**Nasadq-IDEX**) along with Energica Motor Company S.p.A. reported it has signed an investment agreement for the subscription of 6,128,703 Energica shares a at a price 1.78 Euro per share… Read full article


Top mentioned stocks in the last 48 hours
Hey everyone! As requested, I posted this list in the AM. Which one do you think is going to make it to my Sunday DDs?


If you'd like to support my endeavors and become a "Patreon" the link… Read full article
Could you sign a petition for market manipulation?
$CTRM being shorted by Hal David Mintz

Please sign this petition to ask the state of New Jersey to investigate, Hal David Mintz, and Sabby Management LLC, for price fixing and stock manipulation during the pandemic. Their actions are… Read full article
$SXOOF completes $9million funding, insider buy $2.4million. This is 🚀 today
$9 million news: [](

$2.4 million insider buy news: [](

Insight: [](


*Disclaimer: All investments come with risks. I'm not qualified to give financial advice, but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.* Read full article
Dips today??
Got plenty to spend, looking for a dip to buy and hold until decent profits within the next week or so. any suggestions? i’m thinking ZOM and ASRT Read full article
Poolia (pool b) low public float
This is not a deep dd just a heads up to somthing i think will fly soon,

Dividen 0.6

Public float only 27m

Market cap 391m

About one dollar a share

Been going up for months

Down side is low… Read full article
$BBRW BrewBilt Orders for 1st Quarter Exceed $3.1M and $125M Strategic Partnership With BrewBilt Brewing Company

**This should make BBRW go up today... Unless the whole market is red again...** Read full article
$SNGX - COVID 19 development - Catalyst (Update!)
Check out my last post on $SNGX for DD on the company. I won't write too much here.

The company released news on the covid 19 vaccine they have been working on about 30 mins ago, and it's all good… Read full article
SNGX potentially to the moon with their heat-stable COVID vaccine candidate, avoiding refrigeration or freezing
This is some good news and potentially a catalyst to fly high:


up 37% pre-market already now. Not advisor just observer. Read full article
My take on Asia Broadband $AABB
I just posted an analysis of Asia Broadband and I can share the conclusion here.

"Asia Broadband is a gold mining company that is launching its own cryptocurrency and there’s little information regarding its operations.

Following the sale of its… Read full article
Synairgen $SYGGF - UK Biotech & developer of inhaled interferon beta 1a treatment against COVID
**My own disclaimer:** I am a moderator of the Synairgen subreddit which was established with the intention to act as a repository for informative links pertaining to Synairgen. Additionally, I am a shareholder.

A shorter version of the below article… Read full article
Just went through my old transactions.
Everything recommended here that I bought and sold went down (Tyme, XSPA, Citius, Neovasc, Biolase, G1, Zosano, AcelRX, Senseonics). Some more than 50%. The stuff i'm still holding is also down. All the stuff i bought after doing a bit… Read full article
What is your long-term hold instead of P&D?
Most people get into penny stocks to make a quick buck. It seems like this is not he case unless you take the gambling route.

Penny stocks actually got me into investing and since there's actually a lot of experienced… Read full article
Daily Plays - March 04, 2021

Talk about your plays today or things you are on the lookout for. This is where you belong if your comment includes a ticker.

*keep it civil please* Read full article
FAVO - went from .10 to as high as 3+ today. Settled at 2300%.
Curious as to why I haven't seen any mention of this. Best I can tell it was a guru related pump but I think there was an 8k filed recently? Not sure. Anyone have more insight? Read full article
European Catalyst Emerging: Bee Vectoring Technology ($BEVVF $BEE $1UR1) Hits Milestones in Biggest Market in the World
As I wrote in my [recent analysis of Bee Vectoring Technology]( ($BEVVF $BEE $1UR1), **European expansion will be a major catalyst for market cap appreciation**.

[Now we have the first concrete European update for BVT in 2021.](

There is a… Read full article
TLSS Acquisition of Cougar Express
The 8K hasn’t released yet, but the closing date of this deal was Monday (Assuming it wasn’t delayed or fell through). They have until either tomorrow or Friday to release it, as far as I know. I’m not sure what… Read full article
$ALYI's ICO ReVoltToken launches tomorrow (March 4th). This is the tech info beyond the EV bike (Retro ReVolt due out in July) you should be interested in.
These PRs date all the way back to 2017 when this idea started until today. It includes $IQST creating two subsidiaries (IoT Labs and itsBchain) and MODUSAI throwing their own cash down and 4 more companies associated with Ed Bollen,… Read full article
Question about trailing stop loss
So I had a quick question about trailing stop loss

Do you guys set the stop loss as soon as you enter a trade or do you set it when you made some profit?

Lets say my DD checks out… Read full article
Tax Do's and Don'ts
This video walks through how we can decrease our tax footprint. As a trader, we want to be as efficient as possible when navigating taxes but always remember, if you're paying capital gains tax, you've made money. I'm not a… Read full article
Anomalous Stocks, Wednesday, March 3, 2021
|Symbol|Anomaly Score|Change Yesterday %|Change Daily %|Daily Volume|Yesterday Close|Open|Close|Volume|Avg 5d Volume|Avg 20d Volume|5 bar Volatility|20 bar Volatility|
|NURO|-0.040|-6.504|-6.906… Read full article
$INCT - Maybe the most undervalued stock on the market right now.
$INCT rose up 46% today. The InCapta team made a press announcement on their website today that they are working with a Securities Attorney to become OTC Markets current - They filed a 10-K recently. Plain and simple, this is… Read full article
$DNN - Flow Through Shares - Looming Supercycle
Very new to investing and trying to learn as I go. One of the plays I started with when I began was getting into Uranium. I came across some DD on Denison Mines and really liked what I saw. While… Read full article
THE LOUNGE: thoughts, noob stuff, low effort, brokers, zero DD, non pennies - March 04, 2021
In an effort to keep the "main sub" a little cleaner in regards to "low effort posts," this will be a catch all for the simple questions that get asked on a regular basis.

We want to help new investors/traders.… Read full article
SFOR, my cyber security long hold. It's been trading around 20 cents.
I came across this stock by chance on Stocktwits. Did a little DD, they're an expanding cyber security company and it's super cheap right now which makes it good for the financially limited like myself to grab a ton of… Read full article
NSPR DD - Will 💥 Upon FDA Approval
Ok so this is a longer play which most are not used to. Even for me this takes patience and the willingness to not hit sell. The company has a product called Cguard which helps prevent strokes and has been… Read full article
Low Float $QMCI about to pop off. Cash flow positive, Microsoft, BB, and more. Repost of a great u/punishedmedlock post

QuoteMedia Inc. provides financial data, news feeds, market research information and financial software solutions to online brokerages, clearing firms, banks, financial service companies, media portals and public corporations.

QuoteMedia's software is used by companies like Blackberry, Microsoft, Nasdaq, and the… Read full article
COTRP. Cheap bonds that are court ordered to yield 2-4X its current pricing and more.
COTRP bond certificates might be a good bet for those looking for a return on an investment instead of flipping. This is one you will have to hold, it is a bond security, with 7.625% twice a year payouts (or… Read full article
STHC – Even More Updates to Schatzi’s Website, and they’re Big
Schatzi has even more updates to their [website]( , and these could be the most significant. This entire AMECA GROUP tab was added today.

The updates detail AMECA GROUP, adding even more fuel to the fire of speculation as to… Read full article
COTRP. Cheap bonds that are court ordered to yield 2-4X its current pricing and more.
COTRP bond certificates might be a good bet for those looking for a return on an investment instead of flipping. This is one you will have to hold, it is a bond security, with 7.625% twice a year payouts (or… Read full article
DGLY the Hidden Gem
Alright this might be the hidden gem of the month for penny stocks.
2 possible catalysts that are on the horizon.
If you know anything about this stock it pumps on social unrest and riots. It’s a police recording and… Read full article
I've come to realize my mood is a direct reflection of my portfolio.
This ASTI stock is like being in an abusive relationship. Everytime it dips it feels like getting kicked in the nuts. But I know we can work things out. Time heals all wounds and this is digging deep. I have… Read full article
What does MLFB really have going for it?
I'm in 750 shares at $0.49. I know big spender.
I got into pennies recently and this was one of my first purchases as a goof. The more I look at it, the more confused I am by all the… Read full article
Want to know where Truforma will take $ZOM? Call your local vets, post the results
I thought I would call my local vets and ask them if they would buy Truforma and the results were mixed. If you did the same and posted your results, we could get a feel for how well this will… Read full article
MSNVF CEO just bought for 60k$ on the open market!

[bought today](

As you can see MSNVF CEO just bought for 60 thousand dollars of MSNVF today, last time he did something similar (buying for 10k$) this is what happened next:

[ this is how the price reacted a few… Read full article
$WSGF - Potential Airbnb Competitor with High Potential for Medium-long Holds
Reposting because of bad title last time: Here's my DD for you, **$WSGF (World Series of Golf). Don't be fooled by the name because this is not exactly or just a golf stock.**

**WEBSITE:** []( ([]( is a website for… Read full article
The global cryptocurrency market has taken the world's financial sector by storm. Regardless of the underlying cryptocurrency going up or down, the crypto exchanges always make a profit. The more the volatility, the better it is for the exchange. These… Read full article
Full ABML DD - Great job Stock Vigilante
Felt that this would be a good time to share with ABML bulls the reason we all bought into the company initially. The recent sell off has nothing to do with any detrimental factors related to the business operations. This… Read full article
SNPW DD by u/Fantastic-Neck-3049

This company is very active on Twitter and that’s where most of this info is coming from

IMO this company has a lot going for it and not getting nearly enough recognition it should.

First of its one of… Read full article
$MSNVF - increased insider buying - huge revenue growth military PPE play
The CEO, Marshall Buck just bought $60k more worth of stock at 13:48 today. Their revenue has been increasing at astonishing pace year over year. There are many DDs for this company on this sub. Check them out.

Link to… Read full article
$CTRM announces delivery of vessel and charter agreement

"The *M/V Magic Venus* is expected to commence employment under a time charter agreement on or about March 5, 2021, with a daily gross charter rate of $18,500 and an expected term of between minimum five to about seven… Read full article
American Manganese $AMY.V / $AMYZF
American Manganese's advanced and patented lithium-ion battery cathode recycling process, RecycLiCo™, has achieved 99.7% extraction of lithium-ion battery material with its pilot plant project, and is currently researching the production of cathode precursor material, from battery scrap, that could be… Read full article
Anyone familiar with Halo Collective?
I found this Company Halo Labs, now Halo Collective at October last year and I find it quite interesting. Is anyone here familiar with it or has an eye on them like I do? Read full article
Netlist (NLST) [DD, requesting input] CATALYSTS COMING (Mar 4, 6, 11) For anyone unclear WHY NLST is going to be huge, please read
First, I'm long on this with 2000 shares. I'm posting my very quick DD here on just the latest developments - anyone wanting to dig more into the history can review, where a lot of the information has been… Read full article
$KMPH ADHD Drug Approved by FDA
Hello All,

KemPharm had it's ADHD Prodrug approved last night. This advancement in the ADHD market is the first one seen in many years. It has been highlighted to start production and be available by the second half of 2021… Read full article
SNPW- Sun Pacific Holding Corp’s Subsidiary Street Smart Outdoor Corp Announces Membership with Geopath

MANALAPAN, N.J., March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sun Pacific Holding Corp. (Other OTC: SNPW) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Street Smart Outdoor Corp (“SSO”) will become a member of Geopath, the not-for-profit organization that provides the industry-standard measurement… Read full article
Netlist (NLST) - High Stakes Patent Litigation
Source: [](


Note: This is outside our normal focus on biotech stocks. A member of another forum we are part of brought this stock to our attention. We got interested in the stock for its strong risk-reward profile. Netlist… Read full article
RXMD released a bunch of good news today, load up and hold while you can
For some context to start, check out this amazing DD by /u/arch1inc [\_progressive\_care\_otcqb\_40\_million\_revenue/](

Today is red af and I want to just end myself, but if you're going to be buying anything, take a look at RXMD before people catch… Read full article
Is this mining stock extremely undervalued or am I missing something?
I've had my eye on this stock IMII (Inception Mining Inc. According to thinkorswim, this stock has an earnings per share of $0.1857 yet trades at a price of $0.0425. Am I seeing this correctly? Doesn't this mean the stock… Read full article
1000-10000% potential for medium to long holds - Introducing $WSGF, potential airbnb competitor
My first dd, $WSGF


**WSGF (World Series of Golf)**

Sector(s): Consumer Cyclical Industry: Leisure

**"WSGF acquired Vaycaychella last year. Vaycaychella is now WSGF's primary business focus. A corporate name change is underway."** [****](

At its essence, this company began… Read full article
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