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Whats up with MINE?
Average trade volume of 227k today its over 54 million.
Anyone know whats going on? Or why they.volume is so high today? Read full article
Bill Gates Next Gen Nuclear - $UEC
Starting to look at this one with more and more interest. Would like to hear some feedback from others.



[]( Read full article
Liberty Defense Holdings and their HEXWAVE product are set to boom in the near future

You are going to want to add Liberty Defense Holdings to your watchlist. They are pre-revenue and currently in development and testing, but their security measures are super high tech, unique, and far and… Read full article
$XERS - Upcoming Catalyst - XerisDD
[View Original Posting on XerisDD](

Since many people ask about upcoming catalysts, I’ve decided to put together a few things that are on the horizon. A lot of the information can be found in the ER transcripts, but I know… Read full article
**DarkPulse, Inc. Signs Teaming Agreement with Grae-Con Construction Inc. to act as the Company's Installation Partner**

NEW YORK, June 23, 2021 -- Dark Pulse, Inc. (OTC Markets: DPLS) ("DarkPulse" and the "Company"), a technology company focused on the manufacture, sale,… Read full article
$QNTA FDA accepts clinical study and advises on next steps for Pre-IND Filing
This is my first post so take it for what you will. I'm posting this because I haven't seen someone else do it and I feel it's noteworthy. Escozine is the drug and it is derived from scorpions. The news… Read full article
DPLS Announces New Partnership with Grae-Con Construction Read full article
Time for a update from dia76ca:

With the Mexican COVI-STIX EUA approval and DOD CRADA for 4 potential near term EUA's it's time for another Sorrento program update! With over 64 programs in the portfolio there is a lot happening… Read full article
Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (CMC.CN) - Up 18 - 20% today
Anyone else on this train? Probably due to the news getting out to people regarding the TSX:

Cielo Receives Final Approval to List on the TSX Venture Exchange

[]( Read full article
Curious about the demographic of our community in terms of account value?
Polls aren't allowed anymore but I was curious where everyone stood in terms of account value for their penny stock/general trading account. The ranges were going to be $0-$24,999, $25k-$49,999, $50k-$74,999, and $75k+.

Just curious to see what our community… Read full article
What's your forecast on $SGSI and $SRGA? Price target?
I've been following these stocks for a while now and I know some of you have been pretty bullish on them, but they don't seem to get mentioned very often. I had some SRGA stock that I sold off a… Read full article
Resgreen Group International ($RGGI) Makes Disinfection Autonomous with New Wanda SA Self-Driving Robot
**Resgreen Group International (OTCPINK: RGGI), a leading mobile robot company, changed the disinfection industry today with the launch of its Wanda SA, autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that sanitizes everything from hotels and medical offices to restaurants and other businesses. After… Read full article
SOLR.V for long term
Hello. Anyone holding solr.v for long term? They just released a news and I believe solar panels are in the future. Read full article
All the $DSCR DD you could ask for
6/22/2021 DSCR technical PR on Ruby Mine

5/19/2021 DSCR update on Ruby Mine

5/15/2021 DSCR Q1 2021 Quarterly Report

5/4/2021 DSCR site to purchase the coin is live

4/20/2021 DSCR selects Alt 5 Sigma to develop… Read full article
Can anyone explain PRLEP?
Can anyone explain why PRLEP jumped 40,000% today?

Any catalysts or just a well organized PnD?

I can't seem to find any information at all on the company. Not even a business summary.

I wish I knew about this yesterday.… Read full article
CAVR Shareholder Call Today @ 4pm EST - ($55 Million Annual Revenue Projected)

Finally we will get to hear from the company regarding its full rebranding, M&A strategy, and why its new CEO Kevin Cox ( ) left his position as President of Adaptation Financial Advisors to join a $0.05 penny… Read full article
Where would you YOLO 5k?
Have come into an unexpected 5k and going to YOLO 5k tomorrow: were you doing the same, where would you put it? Reasoning appreciated, but happy to do my own DD as people offer suggestions. Thanks in advance. Read full article
Penny Healthy Diet Stock Better Plant releases news surrounding new products

Better Plant has announced that it has added five 355mL cold-pressed juices and two 60mL juice shots under the Jusu brand. With this new product launch, Jusu now has a total of 14 cold-pressed juices based on proprietary blends… Read full article
$XIGM Is About to Complete Their Acquisitions - Serious Catalysts Are Coming Up
# Intro

I've been following this company for a while now, and want to share some thoughts and my vision from their recent press release. I'm holding this for about a month now and planning to rebalanced my positions and… Read full article
Canada Nickel Announces Main Zone Extension and Additional Drilling Results at Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project
Further to my ongoing due diligence on Canada Nickel (OTCQB $CNIKF) (CSE $CNC) (FRA $4E0), below is a news release from today that could be considered a company catalyst:

*Canada Nickel Announces Main Zone Extension and Additional Drilling Results at… Read full article
PSYC Interviews CA Senator Scott Wiener to Discuss Efforts to Legalize Psychedelics
$PSYC June 23, 2021

Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: PSYC) (“Global” “PSYC” or the “Company”) a leading publicly traded digital media company within the emerging sector of medicinal psychedelics, is pleased to announce that the Company’s CEO, David Flores, recently… Read full article
Penny stock holdings of Paradigm Market Research Inc
Here are the updates on a few penny stocks held by Paradigm Market Research Inc-

1. Emerita Resources EMO
2. Bright Minds Biosciences DRUG
3. Deep South Resources DSM
4. Cross River Ventures CRVC

I'd like to hear your views… Read full article
Thinking to buy Humble & Fume
Is anyone buying HMBL? It is .50 and seems like it is headed toward growth. But I haven't done any D&D Read full article
KULR Technology (NYSE: KULR) Commercialization of Safer Battery Tech this Summer?
Today KULR Technology announced news of their Battery Solutions Day event. In this press release the Company stated, "Over the summer, the Company expects its customers will make their own public announcements of KULR's products ranging from Energy Storage Solutions… Read full article
Resgreen Group Makes Disinfection Autonomous with New Wanda SA Self-Driving Robot
$RGGI June 23, 2021

Resgreen Group International (OTCPINK: RGGI), a leading mobile robot company, changed the disinfection industry today with the launch of its Wanda SA, autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that sanitizes everything from hotels and medical offices to restaurants… Read full article
HeyPal(TM) Achieves Top 10 Rank in 25 Countries Among iOS Education Apps During First Week of Global Launch

**BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2021 /** ClickStream Corp. (OTC PINK:CLIS), a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms to disrupt conventional industries, is pleased to announce its subsidiary Nebula Software Corp.'s HeyPal™ App… Read full article
Europcar ( EUCAR.PA / EURMF ) REJECTED takeover bid from Volkswagen at €0.44 a share

(Article in French)

Europcar rejected a takeover bid from Volkswagen who offered €0.44 a share while Europcar was sitting at €0.38 a share this morning. Volkswagen had previously shown interest in taking over Europcar but nothing happened until now.… Read full article

Save-On-Foods to Carry The Very Good Butchers Suite of Products in over 180+ of its Retail Stores; Significantly Increasing Distribution Points in Canada by 83... Read full article
BINOVI Touch Elite debut...BNVIF
The Touch Elite debuted yesterday at the National Athletic Trainers Associations Virtual Clinical Symposia & AT Expo.

Word is circulating that it is a game changer.

Terry Booth, founder of Aurora Cannabis is Chairman of the Board. You know what… Read full article
$TAUG Tauriga Sciences, Inc.’s Vendor Registration Approved by Miami International Airport (MIA)
News Link: [](

**The Company Will Focus on Selling its Tauri-Gum™ Product Line Through MIA Concessions**

NEW YORK, NY, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- [via NewMediaWire]( \-- Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: TAUG) (“Tauriga” or the “Company”), a New York… Read full article
$XERS - An Undeserved Valuation: Xeris Pharmaceuticals
Posted on [XerisDD](

Source: [Fortune Team]( | Jan 23 | Updated: Jan 24 |

Blatantly undervalued and under-followed, Xeris has the potential to shine significantly in 2021, ascending as a true Fortune Alert( alerted initially in $2s). Take a look… Read full article
HCHC huge insider buys big infrastructure play
Hi All, first time posting in a while but recently came across HCHC and found the information below. With the massive insider buys and infrastructure package looming this could be a great opportunity. Low Float (77M OS)

Recent acquisition of… Read full article
Utilization of SPRT at 97%
**SPRT Short Interest and Utilization is huge**

The current and correct numbers for short interest are difficult to obtain because the US exchanges only publish this data twice a month and this data is also already delayed by 8 days.… Read full article
HCHC Huge Insider Buys
Hi All, first time posting in a while but recently came across HCHC and found the information below. With the massive insider buys and infrastructure package looming this could be a great opportunity.
Low Float (77M OS)

Recent acquisition of… Read full article
3 conferences today that could affect the possible GSK buyout of VBIV
-GSK: CEO update on strategic progress- 9am-12:30ET

-VBIV: Conference with Raymon James- 12-12:30ET

-BRII BIO: International Liver Congress 2021 - Presenting updated phase 1b/2a data on VBI 2601 in patients with chronic Hep B

There are a lot of rumors… Read full article
GSAT rallied more than 40% in 2 days. Here's some news for you...
Investors in **Globalstar, Inc.** GSAT need to pay close attention to the stock based on moves in the options market lately. That is because the Jul 16, 2021 $2.50 Call had some of the highest implied volatility of all equity… Read full article
Bear case for SPRT, Support INC
I've being seeing lots of DD on here being done on **, Inc** recently so I decided to take a closer look at it.

Quote: The Merger Agreement specifies that approximately 5% of Greenidge common stock will be paid to… Read full article
SPRT DD - Clean BTC Mining Merger Q3
SPRT merger with Greenidge to close Q3 2021.

* Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (“Greenidge”) expects to be the first publicly traded bitcoin mining company with a wholly-owned power plant
* Greenidge expects to achieve calendar year 2021 EBITDA in excess… Read full article
ATOS...Did I miss the thread? Why are we not talking about it?
ATOS jumped 19% today and over 50% in the last 5 days ....yet I don't remember seeing a thread about it 🤔
Their efficacy is better then current treatments and it's going to be listed in both the Russell 2000… Read full article
THE LOUNGE and DAILY PLAYS Megathreads are now integrated into a single Megathread!!!!!

In an effort to keep the "main sub" a little cleaner in regards to "low effort posts," this will be a catch all for the simple questions… Read full article

This company operates in Tanzania and has the land rites to the world's largest deposit of Helium (1). 138 BcF as a conservative estimate. On top of that, the helium already found bubbling up from the ground is at 10.6%… Read full article
Manganese X Energy ($MNXXF) - EV battery metalsz
Manganese X energy
Ticker: $MNXXF

Upcoming catalyst, Preliminary economic assessment (PEA) due this month/early next month.

$mnxxf is a long play , focused on becoming the first North American manganese mine in operation. with the upcoming shift to EVs and… Read full article
Reddit police
So why does everyone get to talk about the stock they want to blow up and tell everyone to get in. But when I talk about my ASKE, it’s always taking down 10 minutes later??🤷‍♂️ yours truly the ASKEfather Read full article
$ALF Float is 4.3M and they announced a $2M Buyback.
First of all...We did a Nice DD piece on ALFI over a month ago when the stock was around \~$3. You really need to check that out: **(REMOVED LINK)**

Alfi is going to be a huge company, if they can… Read full article
Recommend buying Carnegie Clean Energy (CWGYF) on the following news: Carnegie in the spotlight at HPE Discover 2021
Recommend buying Carnegie Clean Energy (CWGYF) on the following news:

Carnegie in the spotlight at HPE Discover 2021

Carnegie had its place on one of the biggest stages in the tech calendar, alongside Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO, Antonio Neri, delivering… Read full article
Doubling my original investment 12 times to 1 million?
I'm trying an experiment where I'm ape-ing in to the most recommended stocks on this sub. My goal is to double my money 12 times, starting with $500. 12 doublings would be over 1mil.

I've already doubled my initial investment… Read full article
Gee Group Inc(JOB)
No matter what industry you are in you have to have noticed the incredible challenge we currently have filling various positions in different industries. I was looking for a penny stock geared towards this issue and found this company that… Read full article
I made a post alerting $TRCH here in r/pennystocks back December 6, 2020 it was at .60 . Sold for a measly couple hundred dollar profit . Today I fomod back in at 10$ … WHY AM I LIKE THIS… Read full article
Can anyone explain the huge dip on CTXR?
What happened today? I saw it plummeting and pulled out before any loses....even money! But what happened? Anyone? Read full article
$PHIL is the Phuture
PHI Group (PHIL) has climbed to all time highs and is growing ahead of a CEO speech which takes place 6/23 at the Emerging Growth Conference.

This OTC is one to watch.

It is expected to have an interesting July… Read full article
High higher steinhoff
Common... Let's rock Steinhoff until dollar and than wallstreebets is interested and can buy the expensive shares :p.. Totally undervalued pennystock in my opinion.. Read full article
High risk high reward


Im quite new in to the stocks game and looking for a few stocks with high upside/potential under 15 Dollar, Any tips? Im looking for something more high risk/high reward that actually can start growing pretty soon. All the… Read full article
ZGS Business Case
**ZGS is working to disrupt many industries at this time - how close to breaking out?**

This company has positioned itself well with its' university partners - as a result they have access to **Patent-pending Technologies with Commercial Applications:**

​… Read full article
Document Security Systems ($DSS)
Document Security Systems basically manufactures, distributes and sells packaging and printing solutions, but also has an extensive business portfolio. In addition to the distribution of packaging and printed materials, it invests in healthcare and medical biology, operates sales platforms (HWGGIG,… Read full article
Western Sierra Resource Corporation (OTC Pink: WSRC) Skyrockets 842% After Disclosing Talks to Acquire Majority Stake in Gold Project With Enhanced Recovery Projected Net Income of $3.2 Billion
Western Sierra Resource Corporation (OTC Pink: WSRC) Skyrockets 842% After Disclosing Talks to Acquire Majority Stake in Gold Project With Enhanced Recovery Projected Net Income of $3.2 Billion

​ Read full article
Significant Upside with $GTE Grand Tierra Energy

I have called Gran Tierra Energy before and I will call it again, I don't enjoy flipping pennies, I love making intelligent and DD-driven BIG plays. With the EIA and bank of America expecting an oil price increase of $100/… Read full article
AMPE with COVID P2 trails in the US and India + Phase 3 osteoarthritis unblinding with a new potential partner will have a HUGE short squeeze!
12% of shares are currently shorted and a potential partner will be announced in the very near term. Do your DD.. It's about to pop! Read full article
$FTXP Files Paperwork to Become Current Prior to Presentation at Emerging Growth Conference
$FTXP have gotten their shit together and submitted information to become current. There are other DD's which elaborate on the gas they're sitting on. This is a major step to getting major traction.

Attorney's letter: [](

Filings: [](

Emerging Growth… Read full article
IDRA the volume ?
Can anyone help me understand the 43 m volume today with no news or catalyst I see? Insider buy on Friday . Thanks ! Read full article
What is going on with ATOS?
For those that actually have a life and don't have time to read the intricate mechanics of what is happening to ATOS right now, I thought I would share my opinion... The automod will likely not allow me to link… Read full article
$PPBT in my buying range again.
Not looking to make any new converts here. Many folks here likely feel burned by this one since it’s days as $KTOV.

Simply notifying those of you that may be watching this one that it’s back within a reasonable buying… Read full article
CRNX (5G Play)
Really hyped about 5G plays lately. Raging inflation, pandemics, global political disaster – none of these can stem the inevitably rising tide of the 5G revolution, in our view. In fact, in the eyes of many, it’s already upon us.… Read full article
$hrow value imo


Investor website:

27 mil share float. 55 percent institutional ownership

Market cap 240 million

Annual Revenue 52 plus million

on track to 100 million in 2022.

The market cap on this stock is 250 million .
I… Read full article
XPresSPA, XSPA at 1.45. 2 key dates that could propel this international airport terminal stock's post Covid recovery
XPresSPA (XSPA) whose stock got decimated by over 70pct when Covid shut down international airport traffic, has morphed its outlets at key international airport terminal into a testing and healthcare service site.

* 15 month ban on international flight traffic… Read full article
Which Ticker will post the highest % Gain Wednesday

[View Poll]( Read full article
$DSCR Discovery Minerals Applauds Geological Team's Review of Ruby Gold Mine and Work Program Read full article
Love Hemp Group
I’m curious as to why I never see anything posted about WRHLF. They recently signed a 5 year contract with the UFC, have a heavyweight champ as brand ambassador, are about to uplist to a major London stock exchange. They… Read full article
CTXR short interest score 90/100
Ctxr short interest has risen as the stock has gained momentum. I Bloomberg has the stock score rates at 90/100 for a short squeeze event. Currently has over 15.817mm shares borrowed. It’s only 13% of the float but I think… Read full article
China's crackdown on cryptocurrency mining will boost Greenidge's (SPRT) revenue
Ever heard of "buy on bad news"? Well, right now we have pretty bad news that also is a huge opportunity.

China takes actions against bitcoin miners in china \[1\] and is shutting down a lot of businesses there. This… Read full article
Hemostemix announces Peter Lacey's acquisition of 2500 Debenture Units

Hemostemix announced today that Peter Lacey, a director, and Chair of Hemostemix, acquired the previously announced 2,500 Debenture Units. Each Debenture Unit consisted of a $1,000 principal amount debenture and 2,500 common share purchase… Read full article
I'm taking a renewed look at $CRFT. I've been saying for a while now I think BC Craft Supply co is finally poised to rip. Team seems like they're putting a lot together in advance of something.
Hey all - not sure if you've seen my past posts but I have a few picks in the industry, and I provide DD and updates on them all. **In the past 6 months I've taken a keen eye on… Read full article
High Tide stock
Hey all.

Is this still considered a penny stock after the reverse split?

Haven’t seen any posts about HITI lately. That’s an oversight.

After a couple of weeks of relentlessly driving the price down, someone who is accumulating with large… Read full article
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