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Source: Daytrading

Hey everyone! I have been looking at a broker and for what I want (occasional day trading) I can't fault Pepperstone (Australia based). Has anyone had anything to do with them good/bad? Read full article
37min ago Daytrading
Questions: crypto futures behavior

I'm a scalper, day trader that primarily uses price action and a few indicators for confluence (volitility, momentum, vol delta/profile) as needed.

Currently trading on mexc futures. Btc perp 1,5,15, 4hr

Generally speaking (not absolutely speaking) : As I… Read full article
44min ago Daytrading
I am looking for a website that let's me look at other traders profile and the trades they took, I am going to be using this as a way to maybe backtrack and theorize what they did and why they… Read full article
ToS reference in Schwab SSE
TD Ameritrade and Schwab clients, I just noticed a menu item in Street Smart Edge to load a ToS layout inside SSE. I don't know if/how it works. Any other information about the fate of SSE or ToS? Read full article
Viewership demand for boring old man trading profitably?
Been trading profitably since 2017 and considering streaming my trading but I’m a boring old man. Is there any viewership demand for a profitable trader who isn’t entertaining to live stream?

I figure I’ll publish some videos first highlighting my… Read full article
Advice Request - S&P Futures Amateur Trader
I want to fund my account with 3,000 USD.

First, my background is I have been daytrading for almost 13 months now. I started the first day the market was open in 2022 and haven't looked back. I started with… Read full article
Which platform best for day trading in Canada that offers options without margin account and no minimum fund to start ?
Only few that offer option trading,

TD fees are insanely high and they charge for their software
Wealthsimple as for now font offer options and limited chart no candles
Qu’estrade requires minimum 1000 deposit to even login
IMB requires minimum… Read full article
Question here
Hi there, I am Richard I have a question for the “pros” or for those who have been there for long enough with more experience🙋🏽‍♂️

I have been gambling and my 5k is now worth 1.5k (non realised loss) after… Read full article
Social media hub website?,
This looks like trading view to me but I've also seems something similar to this with different Twitter feeds. I've been trying to do some Googlefu to find it but I don't even know what to call it.

Multiple social… Read full article
My Strategy Outperforms the Backtest! A Deep Look into a Potentially Great Strategy!
**Strategy design write-up: Experiment #2**

Wow, thank you to all of the people who gave me constructive feedback on my last post. Here are some of the main ideas people pointed out: Lack of long-term compiled data, not enough stock… Read full article
if options are 50/50, why do they say 90%+ of option traders are losers?
I've just started trading options and still learning along the way but I've heard from many that options are risky and you'd never win in the long run. Can someone elaborate to why that is? Read full article
Simple Question for Someone New to This
Sorry everyone, I know this is a noobie question. What does it mean when someone says something like "stock bottom breakout watch above 15.70" Does that mean the stock is breaking out from the bottom and increasing in value, but… Read full article
Free Riding Brokerage?
So IBKR stopped free riding for options for cash accounts this month. It’s a headache now. Are their any brokerages that still allow it for cash accounts? Read full article
SPY Quick question: High of Day Buying/Selling. I have a Question about Buying at high of day in the morning vs noon.
So my trading plan tells me not to buy the high of day in the morning because I have seen so many times the stock just reverses when it goes to the high of day. It that different at the… Read full article
Is this PDT violation?
I usually (most of the time) hold my trades overnight. If I hold grades overnight and make more than 5 trades is this a PDT violation?
Does it have to be intraday trade to be counted as PDT? Read full article
Pre-FOMC day… 1-31-23 SPY/ ES Futures and Tesla Daily Market Analysis
The day before FOMC generally speaking is a choppy range filled day. However today was probably one of the cleanest (yet slow/ small) straight bull trend days I have seen in a long time.

However, even more impressive than that… Read full article
Which Brokers don't auto liquidate 0 DTE options?
Started using tasty which has been the worst broker I've used so far. Their app is crap and am now finding out the hard way that you get auto liquidated 35 mins before close and it's cost me money. Not… Read full article
anyone use ninja trader?
Have used TOS for a while. I'm tired of the fees and some other issues . Also huge margin on TOS for oil and ES . Ninja has way less and fees are less apparently.

Anyway just curious if anyone… Read full article
what do you use to set structure on TOS? need help....
I'm just getting beaten the hell down by the stock market. Today I literally shorted something that ended up being the bottom and then in moments I lost everything I made for the year. I don't get it. I don't… Read full article
QUESTION: Are you subscribed to Bloomberg? do you know any alternative?
I have been a Bloomber subscriber for years, it costs me aroud 60 USD per month, and I am more and more fed up with the service. There are advertisement everywhere and anywhere and I think the service is too… Read full article
Forex traders from Finland

Hi there, recently moved to Fin and i trade Forex. Im still not familiar with Tax here. Wanted to ask traders from here how they do it with taxes. Read full article
I sell zero date SPY verticals and I hate days like today and yesterday
Obviously please give friendly advice on what you do on your recognized worst setup days.

Days like today and yesterday I'm learning to recognize earlier. But the slow drift days after you bomb up or down in the first 30… Read full article
How do I calculate risk with futures?
So let’s say I have 10k to play around with trading futures, how big should my lot size be to only risk 2% per trade? I’m new to futures and the sizes are confusing me. Read full article
Does anyone know a youtuber who explains trading strategies? Read full article
Is there any way to avoid ecn fees ?
So I usually day trade tqqq. And my commissions are usually low but today I noticed all my trades after 9:45 had a hefty ecn fees ? The only thing I did different was that instead of market orders which… Read full article
Trading after hours
I'm working nights for a few more months and I should have plenty of time at night to do some online trading. What would you recommend for that? Read full article
Can anyone trade in EOSUSDT futures?
Hello everyone well I'm intermediate in Crypto Currency trading so I choose trend trading scalping style best suited for me.

But the problem is which coin best for scalping I don't choose BTC because I'm personally find it's a too… Read full article
I reached the sim-live 3k profit target and will get my first funded live account (futures)
I have been in this for 15 months now, learning, trying, failing, learning, trying, failing.

I spent about 10k in fees total with different prop firms and also blew a personal account which I will talk about in another post.… Read full article
I built a REST API for finding popular trading setups. Interested?
Hello everybody,

In pursuit to automate part of my daily trading routine. I created a rest API for finding popular trading setups like **13/48 EMA Crossover, TTM Squeeze, and SuperTrend.** Planning to add more.

Currently screening all stocks on NYSE… Read full article
My thoughts for this week 31 January 2023


This week will be a fairly exciting to monitor as Interest Rate announcement and Non-Farm Payroll data will be release. Two heavy hitting news that is very key to understanding further trends in the markets, especially on DXY.

Through… Read full article
FINRA / SEC 25K maintenance requirement work-arounds
[FINRA 03/24/2021](

[Old 2011 SEC doc](

I’m trying to find a workaround the 25K rule. I use TOS as my only broker. Is my activity reported via my Social security number? I highly doubt that .. could I use multiple… Read full article
How do you guys play trend trades on days like these?
I have a problem with trend trades, where once I enter the stock, where it appears that the pullback has finished, I get long/short for the continuation after a new 5 min high, and then it fakes me out and… Read full article
Trading leveraged ETN options?
I've seen some people talk about trading BOIL or SOXL or UVXY options... wondering what people think about that. Even more leverage and volatility, or misguided? Read full article
Taxation on Futures
I just started trading futures this year with 2k. I’m now up to 7k. Anyway, I have this spreadsheet that is tracking P/L for every trade I take. I am taxing the gain (even when I am down on the… Read full article
1-30-23 SPY/ ES Futures and Tesla Daily Market Analysis
Unfortunately found myself with a 100 degree fever mid day today so going to keep this very short and to the point and give you guys the highlights so I can go rest.


As I mentioned on Friday… Read full article
Scanner for large limit orders in US equity's?
I am looking for a scanner that scans for large limit orders in US equity's
Preferably customizable (price, volume, mkt cap, size of order)

Does anyone know if such a scanner exists?

Thanks. Read full article
Where are some good videos for learning? Most of them feel like scams..
I've been learning to day trade cryptocurrency and while I'm not successful yet, I'm having a lot of fun since the markets are always open. I use stop-losses to cut my losses and they've saved me quite a few times.… Read full article
I'm starting a youtube channel to document my trading journey
I've been learning to day trade futures for the last few years, specifically nasdaq futures using tradovate as my main platform. I think I have tried just about everything from different strategies, simulation trading, live trading, prop firms, building a… Read full article
Trouble with trend changes and emotions
Hey all, so today, I had a great beginning of the day, I was focused and executed great on the long side of things and had a good 5% gain that I probably should've just walked away with. I am… Read full article
Best Brokerage
What is the best brokerage for options trading. I have been using TD- Ameritrade for the last 2 years but I cannot get approved for level 2 standard cash due to my income. What other brokerages are good. I was… Read full article
Is Seeking Alpha worth it?
Tried their premium service, liking their Rating system seems like a lot of useful information. How you guys feel about it? Not sure if I want to keep paying for it or do something else for free. Thanks. Read full article
Help me wrap around my head around market mechanics
There are so many strategies, theories, and methods of how stocks move and how you could trade them. It's too much, really. I read about topic William O'Neil's theory that good stocks are the ones to buy, but when I… Read full article
ChartGalLori's Monday Pre-Market Notes for 1/30/23
Good morning! \^_^

These notes are normally posted every trading day as part of the membership, but ChartGalLori has given me permission to mirror them here every Monday!
If you enjoy these notes, please show her some love by… Read full article
As if the already existing global uranium supply deficit wasn't enough already, Kazatomprom (KAP) & JV partners, ~40% of global uranium production, announced Friday an unexpected important production reduction for 2023 => More uranium spotbuying coming! + A couple uranium investment possibilities
Hi everyone,

**This isn't financial advice. Please do your own DD before investing**

As if the following 2 global uranium supply issues weren't enough already:

a) The unexpected shift from underfeeding to overfeeding: Loss of underfeeding (loss of \~20Mlb/y secondary… Read full article
ICT/SMC Market Structure Explained [Video]
Hey guys.

I did post an image that explains market structure and lots of people liked it. This is it if you want to access it:


There are other people who asked me in the comment or direct to… Read full article
Can someone briefly explain what is think or swim and TD ameritrade?
Hi guys, in am from India and want to trade the US markets, Stumbled used upon td ameritrade but then i saw think or swim associated with it. Can someone explain these? Also do you recommend td ameritrade?

Going to… Read full article
Whats the difference between liquidity grabs, Pull backs and structural Lows/Highs?
The answer to the this questions could be the major difference between have a consistent winning trade....
Or just winning trades by luck.

Please drop your opinion under this post, so that i and others could learn from this.

I… Read full article
Trend is your friend. Weekend BTC trades
FVG can really help identify areas to scale out and add back to your position. Read full article
ICT/SMC Market Structure
Hey guys.

Analyzing Market Structre is the 1st thing you do when looking for trading opportunities using SMC/ICT. I made this handout for people to have clear rules to have a proper market structure unlike lots of people marking wrong… Read full article
Prices, price types and TIF descriptions.
Does anyone know where I can find precise definitions of each of these Prices, Price Types and TIFs? I've carefully reviewed the product tutorials on Sterlings website but they seem to have missed this. I've reached out to my broker… Read full article
Futures broker application asset information
I’m trying to complete an application for AMP Futures, and do not know what to put for the “asset information”. I technically do not have income, as I live with and am supported by my family (family does have an… Read full article
I’m clearing my account and starting with 5k
I’m starting my day trading account over with 5k with the goal of 75k in the next few weeks. I’ll be using roughly 35% of my account( I don’t recommend anyone do this) on each trade. I’ll be posting my… Read full article
Pattern Day Trading 25k rule?
my buddy thinks that he needs to keep 25k in his brokerage cash account to day trade. I think the total value of the account needs to be 25k. can someone post a link to show us the truth? Read full article
Opinions on Fees and Spread on Micro Bitcoin Futures
I was looking around IBKR lite. I saw that had micro bitcoin futures. I'm not sure if I am interpreting right but it seemed the difference between the buy and sell price (or ask and bid I think it was… Read full article
Issue with seeing time intervals on Tradingview
Im trying to learn how to use tradingview and have a question when it comes to the time intervals. In this screenshot in on the month interval but its zooming out and showing the entire company history.

But in… Read full article
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