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I am curious whether I made a profit or I actually loss.
So I just started taking serious in crypto. Recently I made a trade and I dont know whether I made a profit or not.


So I bought Fantom coin at 2.37 and then I sold it at 2.42. Is… Read full article
11min ago Daytrading
I have a hard time being wrong about being wrong.
Stop out then it’s just a fake out. Resistance break to the opposite side then consolidate and turn back my way. I find myself saying I should’ve stuck with my original plan too often but am practicing keeping losses small.… Read full article
How to measure potential profit expectation in a trade?
I’m doing a decent job of getting into trades but terrible at getting out bc I don’t really have a plan. And I don’t have a plan bc I don’t really know how to measure profit expectancy.

How do you… Read full article
How do you set your stop Loss?
Hey guys, it's me again.

For context, I took two trades this morning. They both hit their stop losses, even went a bit below it and rejected to hit my Tp. I instantly knew I was doing something wrong in… Read full article
Day Trading Playlist Oct. 23 2020.
EHTH, NFLX, PTON, FSLY EHTH- 75 location is key- if this holds expect a move up near 78-80 area, if the 75 area breaks 70 should be easy NFLX- 488-490 area is resistance if this breaks above expect a move… Read full article
r/Daytrading's Daily Discussion Thread for Saturday - Oct 23, 2021
Please use this stickied post to discuss trades, ideas and any questions you may have about todays market.

If you're new to day trading and have basic questions please use the search function *first* and also refer to the \[Getting… Read full article
Wash Rule Sales Options
Do wash rules apply to options?

I mainly day trade/ scalp. I do this with a set of stocks, mainly SPY/QQQ/AAPL/etc(basically the big names/popular stocks at the moment). How can I deal with this? Read full article
To those of you who have been trading for a while, what percentage of stocks do you trade are big name companies, and what percent are smaller companies that you’ve never heard of?
This may be a dumb question, but I’m just getting into trading and want to get a better grasp of what to look for when buying and selling stocks Read full article
The stock price of the international shared-workspace giant WeWork (NYSE: WE) continued to rise today, jumping by a further 18% totaling the total growth in the last 48 hours to roughly 30%. WeWork has kicked off its trading debut looking… Read full article
Wanted to share about my progress day trading and take any advice given.
First of all, I want to thank CJ the mod on here for his posts. I recently read some of his posts and they are invaluable. One thing that struck me is the “decision fatigue” he mentioned in one of… Read full article
Does this ever happen to anyone?
When you think you got filled at a good price the stock tanks immediately afterward and you keep telling yourself I should've waited just a little bit more to get a good entry. Now you're just sitting there and waiting… Read full article
Stop loss question
So bought PHUN today on a whim. Got in at $7.40 and it shot up to $18 or so. Instead of getting out i set a stop at $17. And walked away. It sold an hour or so later at… Read full article
Wash Sale?
I am fairly new to investing and I would like to get an answer on this if possible

If i bought 100 stock of " C stock" for the price 50 each on june 9 and sell all 100 "… Read full article
Quick Question about DASTrader
Just wondering about execution differences between IBKR’s TWS platform and DASTrader. Seeing that IBKR is the executing broker through Das should the executions not be identical between TWS and DAS?

I was hearing traders say DAS is quicker, but can’t… Read full article
Help with a screener
So what parameters would one set to find tickers that might blow up? DWAC is obviously the most recent example but it seems every couple months one just shoots the moon.

I mean nothing is guaranteed obviously but what do… Read full article
Looking for setups using Scanner and Charts
Describe your process and set up (bonus for me if you’re on ToS) for for plays and how you’re working through charts and looking for patterns? I’m interested in more the daily timeframe than intraday set ups.
Thx! Read full article
For anyone who didn’t trade DWAC (yet), why not?
I made a PSA post urging caution if you’re trading DWAC (, and I hope nobody went long at the wrong time. As for me, I stayed out of the trade completely.

I was tempted to enter during premarket on… Read full article
Blew up 500k over the past 6 months trying to learn. Rebuilding now and consistently learning. Pro day traders how did you feel when it finally clicked?
I honestly can’t wait for the day I am green everyday for the entire month. Finally my confidence is coming back because risk aversion and management has been my priority and I have developed my own little style. Now looking… Read full article
Friendly wash sale reminder
End of the year is coming up so the time to look at what wash sales you have. Make sure anything that you have a wash on you stop trading in November and don’t trade it again until January. Every… Read full article
Made a huge mistake for the second time
Hi guys, I’m posting this as some food for thought and for therapy cause today was pretty rough. I set my alarm for 3:59 to pickup PHUN in the premarket.

I have a somewhat small account and only had about… Read full article
22h ago Daytrading
Any tips for controlling emotions I just feel like I am gambling and thinking of just quitting day trading
I made $170k on amc well I just watched it dwindle down to nothing because I was hoping it would pop more it didn’t. Then I went all in into $qcom calls and lost $50k because of google news then… Read full article
crypto scalpers
hey guys,i recently started to scalp crypto(paper trade on tradingview) and even though i am profitable my take profits and stop losses are all over the place and my wins are inconsistence,
i don't use any indicators atm and just… Read full article
My trading rules
I'm relatively new to investing (short/long term) for just over a year now. I'm looking to start actively trading based on charts throughout the day and intend to close out all positions by EOD.

I'm looking to establish a set… Read full article
What is the prospect for the next couple of months looking like?
I'm sure everyone has notice the past couple of days have been crazy with multiple 100%+ runners and so I'm just curious if these stocks are helping set the tone for the next couple of months since it's currently coinciding… Read full article
As a continued reminder to anyone who sees this from a day trading chatroom service...
If a trading "service" is good, they would make their millions/billions actually trading the market.

The only money they are actually making is from gamblers paying them monthly sub fees. Read full article
When did you start to feel that you had a consistent and profitable trading strategy?
I’ve been learning to day trade since 2017. I would start off with 2k, and would blow it up within 2 weeks. After blowing it up I would paper trade for a few months or take a break then repeat… Read full article
Canadian looking for a decent platform
Hello all,

I am looking for a platform to try my hand in day trading and swing trading, I have used quest trade and am fed up with the amount of times the charts freeze seemingly at random. Any suggestions… Read full article

$CLF:- Cleveland-Cliffs Swings to Q3 Earnings as Revenue Climbs, Shares Up Premarket.


$ZM:- Zoom Video rallies after JPMorgan points to a 40% upside on large enterprise potential.


$AXP:- American Express sees 2022 earnings at the high-end range… Read full article
Stock Watch List October 22, 2021
*The original Gap Watch List Poster. Trade with the best or lose with the rest! Check the post history. This is a gap list, 2nd-day plays and charts that are not gapping with volume* ***WILL NOT MAKE THIS LIST.***

***Good… Read full article
DWAC - will it top $100??
As others have mentioned, obviously be careful with this SPAC, but it will definitely provide some great opportunity today. I’ve made $873 scalping 100 shares at a time up to the ATH of $93.43 pre-market today. I sold my last… Read full article
Daily Watchlist News Update | 22nd October 2021
\-Google slashes service fees in its app store after a similar move by Apple

\-PayPal stock slump could put the potential Pinterest deal at risk

\-Amazon launches in-store pickup option for items from local businesses

\-Profits at U.S. hospital chains… Read full article
Best youtube videos to understand options trading?
I understand swing trading, I think. It's simply believing there will be a spike in x share, so you buy then sell the share.

Options are a little harder to understand, as well as trying to understand why a put… Read full article
Things to Know Today
Morning traders, hope you are well and safe


Gold was little changed at $1,782.89 whilst WTI crude retreated from the seven-year high to $83.19, while Brent trended lower to $85.

Copper -3.78%.

Bitcoin pulled back to $62,707.


🤑The… Read full article
r/Daytrading's Daily Discussion Thread for Friday - Oct 22, 2021
Please use this stickied post to discuss trades, ideas and any questions you may have about todays market.

If you're new to day trading and have basic questions please use the search function *first* and also refer to the \[Getting… Read full article
How to prevent extended-hours from wiping your margin account?
Stupid, I know.

Yesterday I opened a short position for $DWAC and it was great, however I did not manage to close it before market close - yes, dumb, irresponsible whatever.

Now as it is up 69 % from my… Read full article
If it takes two days for a trade to settle, do you typically split your trading portfolio in "half" to trade every day?
I'm new to day trading. I use Fidelity as my broker. I notice that it takes two business days to settle a trade. Though I can buy stock with the non-settled funds, that is a huge risk since I have… Read full article
Algo sweeps
Heard a couple of guys, I follow, pointed out watch for Algo sweeps. or something of that nature. The somehow figured out that the stock has been manipulated by Algorithms. Other than it being just choppy, what other indicators are… Read full article
Best mobile app for day trading? Mostly to find support/resistance nothing too advanced
Can’t use my laptop as I’m caring for a baby and do most of my trading from bed off my phone in the early hours quietly as not to wake her. Currently using interactive brokers but it’s not the best.… Read full article
DWAC - Trade Carefully!
DWAC shot up from under $10 to over $60 today on news that it’s partnered with Trump for his social media platform (and is still running as of this post). This is just a PSA: if you’re thinking of trading… Read full article
Started trading 3 weeks ago... Just had my best day, but nobody to celebrate with.
Have been trading paper for 3 weeks and small amounts of real money for 2 weeks, but have been working up to this via research for several months.

Here are my results so far:

I pulled down about $114,000… Read full article
I accidentally did my first wash sale
I didn’t realize it was a wash sale until I saw a “W” emblem showed up next to the cost basis after purchase. I checked my PnL tracker and I apparently sold the same security at a loss due to… Read full article
Is trading only about following the plan?
I'm a newbie, interested in trading and I'm halfway through babypips course, I know I still don't know nothing about the trading world but until now seems to me that trading is about creating a system/strategy and following it no… Read full article
Scalpers, what does your order of operations look like when it comes to workflow?
I’m not necessarily talking about how to find a play via strategy but more so like how do you scalp via charts, screeners, etc. How did you get to the stock that you bought?

1.) Do you use multiple screeners?… Read full article
$net - Cloudflare - Could this bull run be artificially driven by Management exercising options at $0 and selling?
I was long Cloudflare for a while with a bunch of you guys but I just took profits this morning.

Something looks fishy with the CEO, CFO and Chair of the Board all trading for tens of millions of $… Read full article
$200 a day challenge: day 2 and 3
Full disclosure: I had a losing day yesterday. My screenshots didn't save so I don't have anything to show you guys unfortunately. (CMEG wipes everything every day)

I lost on $HX yesterday...trying to break out trade AGAIN. That's really the… Read full article
Volume bars tell a different story when I change the timeframe

[On the 45min chart the \[big volume bar+small green candle\] suggests buyer exhaustion. But on the 15min chart, it's a small red candle, suggesting seller exhaustion \(which turned out to be the correct read\). How do I decide which… Read full article
Sold 10 910/920 CS on TSLA for 10/22
What chances are for TSLA to cross 910 tomorrow?
And what should be my proper moves?
Just starting day trading, so very shaky now..
Should I roll the call for a week now?
Take a loss early and close it… Read full article
Continuity broken!
I finished 2nd book of price action from al brooks around 12th September. Before that I was on full force reading everyday trading everyday. Had my full green week for the first time ever in September. But I had to… Read full article

$CROX:- Crocs shares soar as earnings crush estimates and the retailer hikes its full-year outlook.


$BX:- Blackstone's earnings more than double on strong asset sales.


$AAL:- American Airlines shares rise after a narrower than expected loss.

​… Read full article
What’s your pre market routine?
Don’t give me the ol “cold shower and 5 mile run”. I personally always look on Market Watch for major U.S. economic events happening for the day/week, then I go and look for most active tickets in pre market, then… Read full article
Stock Watch List October 21, 2021
*The original Gap Watch List Poster. Trade with the best or lose with the rest! Check the post history. This is a gap list, 2nd-day plays and charts that are not gapping with volume* ***WILL NOT MAKE THIS LIST.***

***Good… Read full article
Daily Watchlist News Update | 21st October, 2021

\-Shopify and Spotify enter partnership to make it easier for artists to sell products

\-Adobe forecasts online sales will rise 10% this holiday season

\-Facebook slapped with a $69 million fine by UK competition watchdog

\-ASML takes a 5%… Read full article
Barclays shares fall despite beating expectations
Barclays shares are struggling to find higher ground today despite smashing expectations after benefiting the boom in global M&A deal making. We have a look at where the stock could be headed.

Please follow Joshua Warner's market analysis research following… Read full article
Daytraders, what does your time management pie chart look like on an average day?
I’m just getting into daytrading, so I’m curious as to what the average day of a daytrader looks like. How much time are you spending researching? How about the trading itself? What are you doing after hours?

I’ve read many… Read full article
r/Daytrading's Daily Discussion Thread for Thursday - Oct 21, 2021
Please use this stickied post to discuss trades, ideas and any questions you may have about todays market.

If you're new to day trading and have basic questions please use the search function *first* and also refer to the \[Getting… Read full article
Things to Know Today
Morning traders, hope you're well and safe


WTI and Brent extended the rally to fresh multi-year highs as the US crude inventories decreased by 0.63 million barrels last week against +1.85 million expected.

Bitcoin hit a new record high… Read full article
Why do you daytrade?
Obviously we are all trying to make money. With that out of the way, why daytrading? Is it your main source of income, a supplement to your day job, your fun money?

So far it's been a supplement for me.… Read full article
I'm so lost.
Here's a few problems I have.

1. As of now I have a computer with one monitor. Turns out I can't hookup another monitor since it doesn't have a display port. The monitor is a 32'' but as of now… Read full article
Need advice, need cheap fractional (long and short) leverage without big margin requirements
I was planning to add MNQ or MES as part of my long term portfolio. Unfortunately I feel like $20-30k is too large coverage while my strategy really needs 10x leverage and being able to easily scale coverage without big… Read full article
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