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Trying to understand the bear case for markers in general without getting oversimplified
TLDR: saying stonks only go up is as dumb as saying stocks have to go down just because they've been going up?

I swear when I look around reddit the only thing I see is either people trying to squeeze… Read full article
$DSCR up 35%
Hey guys, a few days ago I purchased 250,000 shares of Discovery Minerals LTD (OTC PINK:DSCR). It’s been cruising and I purchased another hundred thousand today. DSCR has a Market cap of only 96.75 million and is a precious metals… Read full article
Seeing if there's anyone else that has the same interest as I do regarding full time trading and collaboration.
Currently I trade at least 9:15 - 1:00pm EST everday and Tues, Wed - trade from 9:15 am till 4:00pm. I am preparing to move to full time trading in the next 4-6 months, maybe a little sooner, maybe a… Read full article
Candlestick traders
Hi guys,
Anyone here trades by using only candlesticks for entries and exits?

Which timeframe do you use and do you trade stocks or forex?

Any other info / resources would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance Read full article
Is it just me or is the market screwy?
Lately I have made some gains but they are so meager compared to what I have done in the past that they barely balance out the bad days (today in particular, things have gone south more so than usual). I… Read full article
Day-trading with $350, Day 2
Good morning traders!

Time for a day 2 update. Today has been long and reckless. In case you missed out, here is my [last post](


\*\*Questions and Answers\*\*

I've received some frequently asked questions that I'd like to clear… Read full article
How can I persuade my grandpa to let me day trade?
Let me give you some background. I've talked to my mom and although she doesn't understand what I'm doing she's on board to let me try this out. That's what matters to me. My grandpa however does not like the… Read full article
Day trade idea, 20 April 2021: Risk off, risk on.
Over-reaction by the market imo.

I believe the market will go back to a risk on mode. Buy yen pairs, sell gold. Buy equities.

Anyone with me? Read full article
Watchlist for 4/20/2021
Good morning! Here's my watchlist. Please let us know if you took any positions! Thanks!

* $MYMD \[ 6.04 ↑35% \] Started trading on the market yesterday
* $YVR \[ 2.97 ↑5% \] Introduced its new NFT platform
* $FSR… Read full article
Morning Update for Tuesday, 04/20/21
Good morning everyone, happy Tuesday.

*This list is geared towards day trading. With the small cap stocks especially, I am typically in and out very quickly, only occasionally longer than 5 minutes, usually faster scalps.* I am also constantly watching… Read full article
14h ago Daytrading
Interactive Brokers Market Data (What are the necessary ones?)
NYSE (Network A/CTA)
NYSE American, BATS, ARCA, IEX, and Regional Exchanges (Network B)
NASDAQ (Network C/UTP)

These are the necessary L1(s) needed right. What about level 2?
NYSE ArcaBook Depth of Book (L2) ?
NYSE OpenBook Depth of Book (L2)… Read full article
Where can I find a real-time heat map??
Where can I find a S&P 500 Heat map that displays values with real-time data

Like [](

Or [](

Except without the delay that makes it so much less useful for day-trading

[ ]( Read full article
Trouble finding trades lately...
With small cap, pennies, growth, spacs in the toilet I've been having issues finding good trades. I suppose lack of volume is probably the core issue. I’m fairly new to day trade but was doing a lot better last year.… Read full article
What percentage of your early trades were in line with your plan?
Let’s say your plan is to buy the dips in an uptrending sine curve, with stop losses at the previous lowest low (sorry I know it's tradition to not actually state any plans, but I'm trying to make a point.)… Read full article
Trading Psychology: Destroy Mental Errors in Trading
In trading psychology it is now known through fields such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP that a good deal of our thoughts are actually false. And yet while we are experiencing life through our bodies, brains… Read full article
Position Size Calculator
I was struggling to find a position size calculator online that wasn't inconvenient to use so I made my own, and I'm sharing it with you!

It's a desktop application that will assist you in efficiently and accurately determining the… Read full article
help me find my problem please
I’m 17 i’ve been trading for an 10 months now. Started off trading w my dad, but i’ve ventured of into choosing all of my own trades over the last 6-7 months. Obviously not to long. My problem here is… Read full article
Just saw an article today on (ticker) ATNF, at 5pm saying that the company is not in compliance with nasdaq listing rules because they haven’t yet filed their annual report for 2020. The nasdaq notification letter does not have any… Read full article
Intuition or hunch- a valid way to trade?
Hi all. This probably gets contradicting opinions.
I scalp trade es futures (sp500) daily and in recent months I have almost exclusively played it to the long side. Any sell offs have been short and I started to wonder if… Read full article
My AnchorUSD account got hacked...HELP!
Please if anyone is willing to share a similar experience and let me know the outcome I would greatly appreciate it. A couple hours ago I made 4 different transactions and before bed I went to check how those were… Read full article
What do YOU think is a reliable, good success rate?
***Like the title suggests, what is a good success rate for one's strategy?***

I believe 60% and above is reliable and good.

***What success rate should tell a trader to go back to the drawing board and to change things… Read full article
PnL drawdown fear during a trade
I have a flaw where looking at my PnL during a trade adds some anxiety.

My planned out trade with a fixed entry and exit hasn’t been hit on either side. I tend to second guess the move and end… Read full article
Recommendation for trade journal site
Hey homies, any recommendation for trading journal? I currently use google sheets to record my trades and then use TradingView to plot the entry/ exit to review.

It’s a bit time consuming though, would be nice if TradingView have a… Read full article
Suggestions for a decent trading plattform for a german stock trader! Help!
Hey guys and girls,

I've been around some time now on that subreddit. I am in the process of learning how to daytrade. I already tested some strategies on a paper account with WeBull what went quite good and I… Read full article
Daytrading Thread?
I wondered if we could have a daily day trading thread. Eg someone makes calls in the comments, eg: [long TSLA](, or someone else can say price on Y is approaching Indicator X something to look for, etc. A real… Read full article
Supply and Demand Zone
Hello guys,

I don't see a lot of posts about this topic but I just recently found out about this and was wondering if anyone who uses it to scalp or swing trade could give me a little insight.

Currently… Read full article
Backtested VWAP Trading Strategy (including TradingView script)
Today I want to share with you a tutorial (including TradingView script for backtesting and live trading) about a strategy that I have designed myself and that has been my bread and butter for many years.

*There is a link… Read full article
Investing in helium?
Helium isn’t exactly front page news. Most people are not aware there is a helium shortage at the moment. They think party balloons!!!

In actually, helium is a non renewable resource that has a lot of applications. From welding, to… Read full article
ThinkOrSwim Scanner Help
Looking for a bit of guidance on creating a scanner on TOS that finds stocks in a consistent uptrend over the past five-ten trading days, with each day closing positive. I'm trying to customize these studies but I can't get… Read full article
Day trading with $350: Week 1
Good morning beautiful traders! I'm a high school kid who's been day trading for a few months now, making about $5 a day. Like many newbie in this subreddit, i've always needed something more than a daily watchlist from seasoned… Read full article
How do I make a million daytrading
Hi I'm new, I want to quit my boring job. I hear people say it's easy to make money in stock, like gamestop, bitcoin. How can I make a million easily? Read full article
Stocks To Watch for April 19, 2021
**Good morning, here's a few stocks to watch today:**



**Outlook/Game Plan:** Markets… Read full article
Morning Update for Monday, 04/19/21
Good morning everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend.

*This list is geared towards day trading. With the small cap stocks especially, I am typically in and out very quickly, only occasionally longer than 5 minutes, usually faster scalps.*… Read full article
I'm 19, and my father just decided to walk out on my family. Things will be hard, but I've spent the last 2 years deploying my trading strategy.
Ever felt like Reddit was made for stories like these?

Either way, this'll be a painful write. But I feel like I need to get it out there.

Today I learned that our father has decided to ditch out on… Read full article
How many of you have a degree/background in finance or economics?
No, not you diamond hands. I’m curious how many successful day traders have a formal education in econ/fin? I’m currently a student, & halfway through my health degree I’ve realized I know nothing about finances & am becoming fascinated by… Read full article
In regards to crypto, is using XLM the cheapest way to move funds between exchanges?
Recently I realized XLM was built for easy transfers. I decided to buy XLM off Coinbase and then transfer to Kucoin. This costed me a fraction of the cost of buying it on Kucoin and also when transferring from Coinbase.… Read full article
r/DayTrading's Weekly Questions Thread - Monday - Apr 19, 2021
Please use this sticky to ask questions and to see answers to similar questions you may have.

If you're new to day trading please see the [getting started wiki here.]( For **advanced traders** or you want to pick up a… Read full article
COIN looking for a swing to $381
COIN - Coinbase went public on Nasdaq last week. After topping at $429 a share it went down to form a resistance above $300 as insiders and investors sold off with a profit. Currently market value is $69B.

COIN is… Read full article
Weirdness of Another Level
Was looking at long-term trends in some energy companies, and this shit caught my eye.

Can anyone explain without the word "Aliens"?

[$DQ Ghost-in-the-Shell]( Read full article
Tax Pros: Advice on MTM Election under Section 475

Anyone file Mark to Market trading election under Section 475?

I was a prop trader this year and have Section 1256 losses. I want to file MTM and reach TTS. I have TurboTax Desktop and am filing Schedule C.

Can… Read full article
Consider Day Trading Sports..Seriously. This is a real financial market in the US at this point
At this point with all the legalizations, this is a real post, this is a real market. Sports markets are about to hit New York. And these markets are inefficient, dumb in the United States compared to their offshore counterparts.… Read full article
Why do most day traders lose money? From experience, it's quite simple and straightforward i think.
Obviously, not having any plan, or exit strategy if a trade does not work as expected, position sizing/risk management are big parts of it... but i actually think it boils down to a much simpler equation.

I think most traders… Read full article
Is $100 to start ok?
TLDR; New trader, what amount can i start at?

New trader at around 3 months and $300 in long term investments and ETF’s, but with school ending in a week I want to get some cash through day trading. I’ve… Read full article
Any tips to get into trading early?
Hi guys! I’m new here and I’m 17, 5 months away from being 18. In high school I wanna be able to invest a little as I’m turning 18 right when my senior year starts. Any tips where to start,… Read full article
Using options to predict stock direction...
Im looking at OCGN its trading at 5.78... the May 21 $10 calls there are 15000 buyers and for the same $10 puts 400 sellers... does this indicate a strong push higher?? I was looking at it to go to… Read full article
Using Tradingview to day trade connected to the broker
Anybody uses Tradingview to trade from(connected to Tradovate or Tradestation) and why?

Can you connect two different brokers to it(I use both Tradovate and Tradestation)? Read full article
How did you learn how to trade? Good training course recommendations?
Beginner trader here (actually more like aspiring trader), I’ve only looked up youtube videos and know very basic information about candlesticks. I am looking into studying a full course this summer and was wondering if anybody could point me in… Read full article
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