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Need help with TradingView, max change at 20%
Hey everybody

Beginner here so sorry if it’s a stupid question.
Basically, when I scan for stocks using TradingView the maximum gain I can see for a stock is 20%.
After that, it only shows flat horizontal bars on the… Read full article
16 year old wanting to start day trading
Hiya everyone, I’m 16 and was wondering if anyone has any sources which can help me get started in day trading.

I know I’m 16 however I have a few passive income sources and a couple active income sources and… Read full article
Tracking trades?
What’s up everyone!

I’ve seen some pictures of some traders using a some sort of calendar app that displays their P&L for the day.

Does anyone here use this app or program? It looks like it would be a clean… Read full article
$1,000 to a Solid Income

I've been trying my hand in Day Trading since around September; its been a fun, knowledgeable, exciting experience and incredibly enjoyable. By now I fully believe that my "Market Tuition" has been paid in full and its time to… Read full article
Pullbacks on multiple timeframes
Hey guys, I'm still very much a novice trader so forgive me if this question sounds silly.

The indicators I use are 5ema, 10ema, 20ema and 50/200ma.

I'm trying to catch breakouts and ride uptrends on a daily chart but… Read full article
Forex vs Options
Hi all I like to think that I have a pretty solid understanding of technical analysis and am curious of getting into more of the forex markets. I’m curious as to know your guys’ experience with the forex markets in… Read full article
Daytrading on Night Shift
I have to work three 12 hour shifts per week as a nurse from 6:30pm-7:00am, I had an idea to only work weekends, Friday night-Sunday night.

On Sunday night/Monday morning, chug coffee/snort as much adderall as possible, trade lightly on… Read full article
Is day trading addiction a thing?
This is about my friend, legitimately. I'm concerned for the guy. He started day trading during the pandemic when he was working from home. He lost 99.8% of his savings. He's told us recently that what was holding him back… Read full article
The Psychology of Financial Decision-Making: Applications to Trading, Dealing and Investment Analysis by Denis J.Hilton
*This is a summary of the paper titled "The Psychology of Financial Decision-Making: Applications to Trading, Dealing and Investment Analysis" by Denis J.Hilton*

*I thought it might be useful to the members of the sub, so I created this post.… Read full article
Trying to understand Wash Sale
From my understand, for example if I racked up $700k in wash sale on AMC ticker, however if I sell in December and don’t buy back till February. I can realized the $700k losses and don’t need to pay taxes… Read full article
Paper trading Interactive Brokers UK
I am looking to start paper trading US equities using the Interactive Brokers TWS from the UK.

I am struggling to get TWS to update/have real time information so I can actually practice paper trading and I was wondering if… Read full article
Tracking Trades
I use TraderSync to track my trades and it’s great at compiling useful data but one thing it does not do is allow me to see all of my trades on a ticker made during that day on a chart.… Read full article
Has anyone concentrated on Daytrading Canadian stocks only?
So, here’s the thing,

The wash rule applies to both Canada and the US, but one thing that doesn’t apply to Canada is the PDT rule and the minimum requirement of $25,000.

Essentially, if your Canadian or trade Canadian commodities/securities,… Read full article
Is anyone else getting destroyed this week?
I am just learning and am luckily in a sim. The last month or so I was trading with above 70% accuracy and this week I must be down to 40% at best. I have been fighting my own brain… Read full article
Fidelity Limit Order filled a full point above my actual limit price.
Question. Maybe I’m just a newb here but I put a limit order in the Fidelity platform for AAPL and received confirmation it was filled at $131.35. Now when look at my position is shows my cost basis at $132.88!… Read full article
Behind the Trends
I have been using a paper trading account on webull today just to get the feel for it before fulling committing to day trading as a career. However, I feel like I am always behind the trend. As soon as… Read full article
The OG Stock Watch List June 17, 2021
*The original Watch List Poster. Trade with the best or lose with the rest! Check the post history..*

**All stocks on this gap list have catalyst:**

**Gap Ups:** APOP, CLSD, CYTH, DUST, FSR, GME, JBL, JPM, KR, LCI, MOLN, NNOX,… Read full article
I hadn't planned on sharing this (stop loss calculator) because it's a pretty basic tool and figured most would have something similar, but given some recent posts thought it might help?
I recently noticed a few "blew up my account" posts and wondered if my (rudimentary) stop loss calculator might help at least one person - perhaps someone newer to the game?

I don't use it for every trade because if… Read full article
I cannot believe I made so many silly mistakes while trading today.
I read an advice somewhere cautioning traders that anything can go wrong while you are trading, no matter how silly it is. I never take this seriously until today, when I made a few of those silly mistakes in a… Read full article
Real time data for uk market
Hi guys. i currently trade mainly us stocks, but wanted to do a few low risk uk trades instead of just waiting in the morning. but the issue i face is that all the data i can find is delayed,… Read full article
How did you find your trading "style"?
I'm a fairly new trader (approx. 2 months into sim trading and backtesting) and I see a lot of trading information talking about how you need to find what "style" suits you best.

This includes everything from choice of instrument… Read full article
Hey guys I’ve been eyeing the market for the past 6 months and am looking for further guidance as to how to properly day trade SPX options, it seems to always be in an uptrend and seems to be able… Read full article
Angelalign closed up 131.79% on the first day of listing, with a turnover of 5.8 billion ranking first in H-share
Angelalign, China’s leading invisible orthodontic solution provider, on the first day of listing yesterday rose by 183.24% to HK$490 in the intraday session, and finally closed up by 131.79% to HK$401. Turnover for the entire day was HK$5.878 billion, ranking… Read full article
See My Fully Automated bot Trade with Technical Analysis
I just posted this in r/algotrading and thought it might be interesting here...

I see a lot of questions here that might be best answered in a video of live trading.

I've spent about 20 months developing my bot. It's… Read full article
Community for futures
Is there any good active discords for futures daytrading? No offense to the r/daytrading discord, but the futures tab seems not very active. I just don’t want to spam the other tabs with random futures stuff Read full article
Anyone trading from Southeast Asia?
I’m an American Planning to move to SOutheast asia for some time. As most of you probably know that cost of living is quite low there compare to other countries. Does anyone have any experience trading from there and able… Read full article
Recap of today's trading - 6/16
Lots of you have asked me to do a recap of my trading for the day, so here you go!

Much better trading day then the pure torture of yesterday's low volume crawl that was like waiting at the DMV… Read full article
Broker Recommendations Wanted Please
Hi everyone can I get some broker recommendations please
Best for scalping:
Best for swing:
And best overall:
Would:. really appreciate some advice as i don’t have any friends who trade to seek advice from thanks in advance. Read full article
Journal Entry: Continually riding the waves
This is another journal entry where I write for myself regarding my waves strategy. When I have success, it is almost always found on reversals. The 10-minute may be raging and the MACD histo may be extended above the line,… Read full article
Anyone based in the UK who is day trading while working full time? How?
I'm really wanting to start day trading however I work full time and based in the UK so I believe I miss some of the critical time frames.

Is anyone here from the UK who is also working full time… Read full article
Award time!
Coins are finally in my account. Will be handing out some overdue badges and bling this evening.

"Honey, what's this charge to Reddit for? Is that your membership?

No, that's for coins.

What are they for?

Nothing really, just fun… Read full article
$3,000 to a Career
This post is in regards to my previous so if you have not read that, here is the [link](

I had a hand full of people comment or message me and say it was fine to post my progress and… Read full article
Questions about day trading accounts and withdrawing
Been paper trading for a while now on thinkorswim and have been pretty successful. I did have to fund the account so I could get real time data. Ive also got an IRA account Ive been growing for almost 2… Read full article
PDT workaround - options
Hi all,

I’m sure most of you know PDT workarounds or even this one but, basically my account dipped below 25k and I couldn’t close positions same-day because I had violated the PDT rule (more than 3 day trades) simply… Read full article
Hotkeys in Trading
***Hey dear community!***
Have you heard of hotkeys in trading?

*For example:*
1 click: buy and set automatic SL and TP
another hotkey-> sell

1 click: Sell and automatic SL and TP
another hotkey: auomatic buy

Is there anything? Can… Read full article
I blew up my account today.
Was trading $ALF this morning on the short side then out of nowhere it when parabolic on me. Didn’t cut my loses when I could and over leverage myself on that position. I even 200% my account just this month.… Read full article
Just learned the hard way: get enough sleep to avoid making stupid and costly mistakes!
So I entered a trade which, of course, *immediately* went south on me, and I was horrified to see that the loss amount was much higher than it should be. I hit the "flatten now" button (aka emergency eject button)… Read full article
PRTK is looking good for a day/swing
It dropped about 15% when it announced a new phase of testing and has been slowing climbing up with volume support since. Looks like a good flip and I just put some money in. Read full article
Strategies for Current Halts
Just wondering if anyone has had success responding to current halts ([]( I've been paper trading the LULD pauses with mixed success.

Any advice for quickly finding the catalyst causing spike and subsequent halt? So far I've just been making… Read full article
Does anyone here trade off tick chart volume?
on the spy or anything else? I keep seeing wacky things (like huge moves on small orders and zero move on huge orders) and I just wanted to chat with someone with more experience who can lay to rest my… Read full article
Possibility of creating a plausible decentralized financial system for the developing world and a significant opportunity for investment?

***Next-generation Proof-of-Stake validation is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional resource-intensive crypto mining***

Silver Spring, MD, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology focused company, today announced the expansion… Read full article
The OG Stock Watch List June 16, 2021
*The original Watch List Poster. Trade with the best or lose with the rest! Check the post history..*

**All stocks on this gap list have catalyst:**

**Gap Ups:** AMAT, APRE, ARVL, AUVI, BCTX, GTEC, MNKD, RCEL, RUN, SPI, TRCH, UL… Read full article
Dow Jones futures
Hello, is there anyone here that traders the YM contract? Specifically the E-mini Dow Jones. I have experience trading forex, but I consider myself new in futures trading so I would like to make some questions.

I have been trading… Read full article
Any good websites to keep up to date with news about companies?
Hi all, just wanted to ask around if there’s any good websites that gives you real time news about companies. And I don’t meant news like their stock price has gone down by x percent, I mean news like this… Read full article
5 months after start - traded with 3 gurus
So here is my story so far. (obviously without names of the gurus, because it's forbidden here)

I made some money with ETH and decided to start daytrading in February 2021. I'm a surgeon, make some decent money. I'd like… Read full article
TA Book advice from Only real traders with a solid Record

I'm a stock/futures/cfd trader. I need your technical analysis book advices. But i need books from real traders who have solid proven record who you trust. I'm not interested in forex. Can you recommend me some books? I would… Read full article
new in day trading and I think I'm very good in this game, need your feedback
Dear all,

I'm new in day trading and would like to get your feedback on what you think about my approach. I read a lot about patterns to recognise and many other strategies. But I found myself a very easy… Read full article
Hi everyone, im considering buying a subscription to ATAS as their platform looks really impressive to me, has anyone got any experiences with it that they’d like to share? Read full article
Hedge fund that simply takes the opposite trade of your average joe.
Okay maybe its just late at night and I’m taking crazy pills. So the other night my wife saw me simulator trading and said she wanted to try it. I chuckled and let her hop on and laughed as my… Read full article
Full-time Daytraders: What do you say when someone asks you what you do for work?
I find this to be an extremely awkward question to answer in small-talk situations or when trying to build a connection with someone early on. They oftentimes ask “what do you do for work,” or “do you work,” etc. and… Read full article
First day of listing: Angelalign's share price opened 131% higher
Angelalign in H-share rose during the intraday session, and as of press time, the increase has expanded to 180%. Read more on []( Read full article
#1 Tip for new traders
Ignore anyone who is promoting a service in this space. Most of thier content is a click funnel for thier course and will lead you down the wrong path. Learn from people who aren't trying to sell you $#!+ Read full article
Why CLNE is going to pop the week
In late April, CLNE entered into an agreement with AMZN to provide their carbon negative RNG fuel to Amazon trucks nationwide. This deal called for CLNE to construct an additional 19 Clean Energy fueling stations in addition to the 27… Read full article
Reading the order book
I entered a trade today and after then entry, I stayed on looked at the order book for a while. I noticed there was this seller with 80k-100k buying power constantly moving his limit sell orders up and down. they… Read full article
Is this the right place?
Just wanted to make a quick post to make sure I was in the right place.

I have been trading non-consistently for the past 2 and a half years. I began to take day-trading more seriously these last six months… Read full article
Stuck Trying to Figure this out lol
Alright, so i'm watching a lot of YouTube videos on intraday and swing trading, and I can't seem to get how ya'll do it. What are your guys ways? Like what indicators do you use (also what settings for said… Read full article
Is day trading just looking at graphs?
I see people saying they spent years learning to day trade. Forgive my lack of knowledge but isn’t all there is too day trading just looking at graphs and buying when you think the candlesticks will go up? I want… Read full article
What are your favorite stocks to scalp?
I've recently been scalping Tesla and have enjoyed doing so but I want to look for new stocks that I might add to my watchlist. The main things I'm looking for in a stock are liquidity, great spreads on options… Read full article
How do you day trade with a full time job?
How do you stay on top of your trades while working a full time job? Are there any tools which let you manage trades in a stress free way while working your normal day job. For me it seems like… Read full article
Day trading courses in Australia
Hi All🙋🏻‍♂️

Can anyone point me in the direction of a LEGIT day trading or even just trading courses that are in Australia?
It’s hard to take many serious when they say “buy full course now for $39.99, down from… Read full article
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