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Source: Meta Trader 5 (MQL) Blog

Trade Reversal With Trendline Trade Panel
The Reversal Theory:  How to trade reversal properly using Trendline Trade Panel: Practice Trade Reversal using the Trendline Trade Panel: Video link : here Result: The Reversal Theory Tools: Reversal Z Indicator MT5:  here MT4:  here Five EMA Indicator MT5: … Read full article
Introduction to Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics
Introduction to Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics EFW Analytics was designed to accomplish the statement “We trade because there are regularities in the financial market”. EFW Analytics is a set of tools designed to maximize your trading performance by capturing the… Read full article
Powerful Non Repainting Supply Demand Zone MetaTrader Indicator
Powerful Non Repainting Supply Demand Zone MetaTrader Indicator Ace Supply Demand Zone is specially designed non-repainting Supply Demand indicator. Since you have an access to fresh supply and demand zone as well as archived supply demand zone, you can achieve… Read full article
The price remains in the zone of the bull market, above the long-term support levels of 57.30, 59.40, 60.40 and short-term levels of 73.98, 71.24  (see also    "Fundamental Analysis and Recommendations" ) The breakdown of the local resistance level… Read full article
New Article –Introduction to Technical Analysis
New Article –Introduction to Technical Analysis Designing a successful strategy is an intellectually challenging process. It requires extensive research and testing. The research in trading is always followed by the immediate real world outcome. The trading strategy based on the… Read full article
RS Supply and Demand Zones Advanced Toggle Indicator
Supply and Demand Zone Advanced With Toggle Function   Supply and Demand Secrets  
  Before we go into our Supply And Demand Zone Advanced indicator lets get clear understanding about support and resistance First, let’s define Support and Resistance:… Read full article
MT4 Supply Demand Zone Indicator
MT4 Supply Demand Zone Indicator MetaTrader 4 is one of the most popular trading platform since 2010. It is accessible for free of charge for any trader from all over the world. We provide a range of powerful supply demand… Read full article
GerFX Kuddelmuddel EA
Setup informations
- Open one H1 - chart for each symbol you want to trade and attach the GerFX Kuddelmuddel EA on it - Choose the correct risk settings for your own risk profile. Scroll down to "How to calculate… Read full article
The Currency Weight FX
THE CURRENCY WEIGHT FX  (CW8) The world's global economic system, which involves the trade of many countries, results in every change in the value of one country's currency against another country is affected and
affect the currencies of other countries… Read full article
YouTube Video for X3 Chart Pattern Scanner
YouTube Video for X3 Chart Pattern Scanner Video can explain a lot of details about how things works. You can use this video for first guide on using X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. This video was originally created for the previous… Read full article
EUR / USD has managed to rally over the past two days, returning to the zone of the long-term key support level of 1.1940. Above this level and the support level of 1.1880 EUR / USD remains in the bull… Read full article
High Tools Guide
High Tools Guide In this section, you can read the guide to using the “ High Tools” Version MetaTrader 4: 1-After running the tool, in the first step, you will see the basic settings. In the first setting, you… Read full article
Turning Point Prediction for Forex Trading
Turning Point Prediction for Forex Trading Fractal Pattern Scanner provides the ability to predict the turning point in the financial market. In this article, we provide the practical guide line on how to use the provided turning point prediction for… Read full article
UK100-Very quiet. Don't take positions yet. True Oversold Overbought indicator
Very quiet. Don't take positions yet. Link : Telegram Group   |   Telegram Channel   for support and tips Read full article
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