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5th Consecutive Red Day | Ross's Trade Recap

March 04, 2020 23:42

Want to join me live for Day Trading 101 online tomorrow ❓❓Click here: to reserve your seat for a transparent talk on risk management, how to get started trading and more. ✔ See you there tomorrow at 1pm ET! 👋 Curious about my trades❓❓ If you have questions 🤷‍♂️👨‍💻😉❓❓ ask them below!  I respond to every question posted on my channel. You're 7 Steps away from Becoming a Day Trader 1. Your first big step to becoming a day trader in less than 90 days 📆 ⏰ is to register for my next FREE Day Trading Webinar 📽📺 👨‍🏫 When you register, you'll get a free digital copy of my best-selling book (best-seller on Amazon) titled "How to Day Trade" 📚 - 2.  Aren't you sick of the PDT rule? ❌🚫 I know I am! Check out my preferred stock broker for small day trading accounts of less than $5k that are Day Trader FRIENDLY 🏆🥇 - 3. Don’t understand the lingo? 🈵💱🈳🈯️ Learn the most important day trading terms & definitions on this page here - 4. Have you ever wondered how much a day trader can make?  I just uploaded my verified ✅ broker statements showing how I turned LESS THAN $1000 and turned it into over $1mil 💵💰 in trading profits 👀 - 5. Okay, so I make money...But here's the big question, do any of my students make money?  Check out this student success story about John's path to making over $500k 💰💵 since he learned to trade my momentum day trading strategies - 6. Are you ready to take the LEAP? 🤾‍♂️🤸‍♂️  You can watch me trading every morning as a member of our day trading chat room. 👨‍💻👩‍💻🖥 - 7. How many monitors is too many monitors?  Check out this video here on setting up your first day trading station 🎙🎛⌨️🕹🖥🖥🖥📠 - OKAY, so in this video, I talk about my trades from this morning. Today I traded $CTRM +$1,438.46 $AIM +$1,024.27 $ESEA +$290.37 $XAIR +$162.28 $OCUL +$61.00 $GLOW +$22.13 $NVAX -$15.54 $DYNT -$233.05 $GNCA -$249.49 $GLBS -$452.64 $INO -$746.55 $APOP -$1,301.40 I'm finished up the 5th consecutive red day and boy is it frustrating. I traded a bunch of stocks today and it felt like there was a lot of action, but nothing strong and obvious. #DayTrading #RossCameron #WarriorTrading Disclaimer:

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