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Alright im a clown with $20 what should i buy on monday
Like the title says im a 🤡 so what should i buy on opening. Personally i was thinking $DPLS . What are yalls bets Read full article
FBIO Getting there yet?
The best time of the year is just coming, traditionally speaking! Grea

Profitability (and plenty of cash) seems to be around the corner, the market is a forward looking mechanism:


As well, the latest news, there will be more… Read full article
Thoughts on funded accounts
I’m curious on this subreddits thoughts on Funded trading accounts like audacity. Read full article
19min ago
Reddit Forex
Blackberry Comparison Analysis Part I
Fixed the ticker issue that kept getting this DD removed. I hope it goes through this time.

Before we get started let me show you BB comparison with other companies in same market(comparison analysis):


[BB comparison analysis with Crowdstrike… Read full article
Backtesting Data for Performance of Multiple Currency Pairs at Single Points in History
I'm hoping I can articulate this well enough to make this query understandable...

I'm wondering if there is a data source where I can punch in a date and see a table of the performance of multiple currency pairs at… Read full article
33min ago
Reddit Forex
$PSTI - Biotech stock with 3 expected clinical milestones for Q4 2021
As announced in the CEO shareholder [update](, Pluristem Therapeutics is expected to meet multiple clinical milestones.

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company using placental cells and a unique, proprietary, three-dimensional (3D) technology platform to develop cell therapies… Read full article
Where do I start ?
I wanna start trading in forex but I’m so confused about everything am 17 have into studied the stock market but fell in love with the way forex works and am fascinated by it. Any advice ? Read full article
38min ago
Reddit Forex
Leverage for beginners
So I’ve been demo trading for a while now and have been overall successful. I plan to go into trading a live account within a couple of months however I have one question.

As a beginner forex trader what is… Read full article
1h ago
Reddit Forex
4.5% YTD- screw up
So I had some health issues the last year and had completely neglected my relatively new 401k account. There isnt much in there but what there is has earned a whopping 4.5% because my dumbass put it in a 95%… Read full article
1h ago
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Market Glossary
Low is the opposite of high. It represents a lower price point for a stock…
Information on a stock’s latest trading price tells you its quote. This is…
Weak market
A market with few buyers and many sellers and a declining trend in prices.