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3min ago
Rob Smith
DD: $RCAT (Red Cat Holdings) - Investing in the future of drones


[$RCAT To The Moon](

TL;DR: Look at the GIF, it can’t be any clearer.


TL;DR they’ll say… So I turned the company’s logo into a cartoon cat and made an animated GIF of it blasting… Read full article
What are thoughts on Ford, Twitter, and Snapchat?
Twitter and Snapchat are down to the $30 range and I was thinking of investing now while it’s low but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Does anyone have any thoughts or predictions? Same with Ford it’s around 10… Read full article
Anyone else like GYST?
I recently found GYST.

They originally began as a health and wellness company but have recently moved into the BTC mining industry. They seem to be having success in this space and since September they have mined about 1.5 BTC… Read full article
How much deposit do i need to open a trade in MT5?
Hello! I am using Pepperstone as my broker on mt5. I am just a beginner. I was wondering how much money in USD will I need to input in my account to be able to open a trade of minimum… Read full article
29min ago
Reddit Forex
Best tracker? (Currently using TraderSync)
Wondering what people use to track their options trades. I'm currently using TraderSync, which I paid for the full year thinking it was perfect, but it doesn't actually differentiate between a Call or Put. It labels all options as LONG… Read full article
29min ago
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