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What’s the best financial advice pay service for the long trade?
There are a lot of different financial analytics services with different subscription plans. What do you think is the best for trading with average holding period from a few weeks to a few month? Read full article
IBKR buy orders keep filling higher than limit price
Hi guys as the title states i have the algo switched off and if i have for example the limit price set at .4 and but in the order it executes at .4137. Is this normal? Its really starting to… Read full article
Picks for 2022-06-28



**Opportunities to Buy LONG**

**V.F. Corporation (VFC)**

\[Consumer Cyclical - Apparel Manufacturing\] in United States.


Odds within the next 7 market days:

Return > 1% 81 : 19

Return > 2% 59 : 41

Return… Read full article
35min ago Daytrading
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Market Glossary
A place in which different investments are traded. The most well-known exch…
Technical analysis
Technical analysis is a means of examining and predicting price movements i…
The ask refers to the price at which you can buy an asset or security from…