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35min ago
Quantum Battery Metals🚀
IRW News: Quantum Battery Metals Corp.: Quantum Battery Metals identifies exploration targets on the lithium project Kelso Albanel and progresses in its exploration plan Read full article
Ascending triangle target profit - $ or %?
I understand that the target profit is based on the height of the triangle.

From where the triangle started forming, is that using the % height, or the $ height? Read full article
52min ago Daytrading
Closed Options Group
Anybody interested in creating a closed group for discussing options strategies?
Im thinking max 20 members and who doesn’t post at least once week gets kicked. Intermediate/advanced level. Read full article
57min ago
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Daily Popular Tickers Thread for June 25, 2021 - UWMC | GME | PLTR

Your daily hype thread. Please keep the shitposting to a maximum.

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**YOLO** | [All](… Read full article
Daily Discussion Thread for June 25, 2021
Your daily trading discussion thread. Please keep the shitposting to a minimum.

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**YOLO** |… Read full article
Daily Discussion Thread - June 25th, 2021
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## Important Links

- /r/Robinhood Discord Server:
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60min ago
Reddit Robin Hood
Day trading and Long term account
Hello, i have an account with interactive brokers, and i plan on using it to daytrade. But i also use it for my long term hold. Is that bad?
Should i open another account on IB or other broker for… Read full article
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Capital expenditure, or CAPEX, is the term used for the money spent by busi…
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